PCR Podcasts: Wingardium Gamesiosa: (Episode 101)

Wingardium Gamesiosa Podcast
“Episode 101: Overwatch Healers”
February 7, 2018

Welcome to Wingardium Gamesiosa, our new weekly (ish) podcast where your hosts, Mike and Tom, will discuss all things nerdy like video games, Fantasy, Sci Fi and Superhero movies, TV and books, Pokemon & Yu Gi Oh! card games … pretty much anything that we find entertaining that we think you’d enjoy too.

In the premiere episode, Tom and Mike discuss their current obsession, Overwatch. Specifically, they walk you through their (not at all) scientific list of the Best and Worst Healers in the game and fantasize about what they’d liked to see different in certain character abilities.  Tom, in particular, would like to see some more sprint abilities added …

We’re still working out the kinks so forgive any issues in sound, mixing and editing – you’re witnessing our live experiment — but overall, we hope you are as amused by our ramblings as we were while recording it.

This. Is Wingardium Gamesiosa!

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