What To Watch – Wednesday, December 20, 2017

So, as it turns out, even with Mr. Robot having its finale last week, Wednesdays remain a pretty good night of television! We have back to back episodes of The Librarians, new Vikings and History’s newest show, Knightfall – which I am on board with.   For your Christmas-special choices, Dean Cain counts down the best Christmas movies and an hour long visual presentation of that creepy holiday classic, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.

(Courtesy of TNT)

8pm Hour: 

(Courtesy of TNT)

1st Choice:  The Librarians.  Christmas Episode, done The Librarians-style!! “When Santa takes Flynn, Baird and Jenkins on his first vacation in centuries, he leaves his beloved sleigh in the care of the Librarians. But when Ezekiel’s career criminal mother steals the magic door, they must use the sleigh to save her, as well as Christmas itself, from Santa’s Grinch of a brother, the Patron Saint of Thieves.” TNT

2nd Choice:   Vikings.   Ahead of tonight’s new outing, watch last week’s episode wherein Lagertha drinks like a Viking, Bjorn visits Sicily, Ivar tricks the Saxons and the crazy Warrior Bishop has visions of starving Vikings.  History

3rd Choice:   Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. “Elmo Shropshire narrates this animated interpretation of the offbeat Yule tune, as Jake Spankenheimer (Alex Doduk) tries to find his grandma and save her Christmas shop. It’s in danger of being sold by his greedy cousin, Mel” The CW

9pm Hour:

(Courtesy of TNT)

1st Choice:  The Librarians.   “When Flynn and Baird are sucked into Baird’s favorite classic film noir movie, the Librarians will need to perfect their lassoing skills, sharpshooting, and snappy dialogue if they’re going to make it out alive.” TNT

(Courtesy of History)

2nd Choice:  Vikings.  “Ivar meets his match in Bishop Heahmund, while Floki returns to Kattegat, and Bjorn receives a lavish welcome in North Africa”   History

3rd Choice:   The Top 12 Greatest Christmas Movies of All Time.  Dean Cain counts down the best holiday classics because when I think Christmas, I think Dean Cain!   The CW

10pm Hour:

(Courtesy of History)

1st Choice:  Knightfall.  A Holy Grail Hunt is afoot in France and Wedding Plans!! I’m sure all of that will go well with no unforeseen obstacles.  “On the Pope’s orders, Landry and Tancrede travel to investigate the Holy Grail’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, the plotting behind the royal wedding becomes deadly.” History

2nd Choice:   Happy! I’ve been keeping an eye on this show since I saw it at NY Comic Con in October; we’re a few episodes in and its time to catch up.  New Episode tonight, “Sax journeys through a dark past while he and Happy track his daughter, Merry and Amanda make a chilling discovery and Very Bad Santa coerces information out of Hailey about her “hero” dad.” SyFy

3rd Choice:  Murder in the Heartland.  “When Marshall Dent goes missing on Christmas Eve, the Native American community of Shawnee, Okla., bands together. After weeks of searching, Marshall is found in a shallow grave on sacred ground, leaving authorities scrambling to find the killer” ID

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