What To Watch Tonight – Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What To Watch Tonight? Tonight’s penultimate episode of Season 2 of Yellowstone (check out our recaps here) is Our Top Pick to Watch Tonight. Also, new Suits and Bulletproof.  Check out the rest of our picks below! What are you watching?

Paramount Network.

8pm Hour: 

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1st Choice: Bulletproof.  “Pike (Ashley Walters) and Bishop (Noel Clarke) are outraged when the Sharp case is moved to another unit and are instead reassigned to take down a local drug gang. Meanwhile, Arjana (Lashana Lynch) needs money to fund a big opportunity at work, meaning Pike must swallow his pride and ask his dad for help.” The CW

2nd Choice: MasterChef. “Daphne Oz is tasked with revealing the contents of the Mystery Box challenge to the Top Eight. The contestants then have 60 minutes to create an elevated one-pan-wonder dish using a staple kitchen tool: the cast iron pan. The trick will be to craft a dish that not only tastes delicious but also highlights the efficiency of the cast iron pan.” Fox

3rd Choice:  America’s Got Talent. “Seven acts from the previous night’s show will move on to the semi-final round of competition; and viewers will have one last chance to send their favorite performer to the next round.” NBC

9pm Hour:

(Photo by: Ian Watson/USA Network)

1st Choice: Suits. “Harvey makes a play to get Samantha’s job back. Katrina faces off against an old friend.” USA

2nd Choice: Songland. “Old Dominion hear unknown songwriters pitch their original material to be featured in a Jeep commercial.” NBC

3rd Choice: BH90210.  “Tori starts to feel the pressure of balancing the cast’s requirements for the reboot, while keeping the wheels in motion. Jason and Ian both struggle with their marriage issues, Jennie meets her new bodyguard, Brian hires a new assistant and Gabby asks Christine for advice. Meanwhile, the cast turns to a familiar face for help and Tori goes to extremes to get Shannen on board with the reboot.” Fox

10pm Hour:

Paramount Network

1st Choice: Yellowstone. “The Duttons find out that their squabble against the Becks have serious consequences; Beth rescues Monica from an uncomfortable situation.” Paramount

2nd Choice:  Psychic Kids. Series Premiere. “Series premiere. Peri Zarrella mentors a 9-year-old Pennsylvania girl who sketches pictures of the spirits that surround her. Meanwhile, in Maryland, Ryan Michaels meets with a 9-year-old boy who’s disturbed by an entity in his bedroom. Both children must learn to protect themselves while developing their psychic skills.” A&E

3rd Choice: Snowfall. “Andre is forced to ask for Franklin’s help. Julia proposes a new plan to Teddy. Gustavo clears the way for his own vision.” FX

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