What To Watch Tonight – Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It’s September 11, a difficult day for myself and countless other Americans. Tonight, I’ll be watching the scant programming commemorating the horrific event, in particular, History Channel’s 9/11: Escape from the Towers.  That none of the networks are doing anything on this 17th Anniversary  speaks volumes to me about this country and our too short memory. The “What To Watch Tonight” below is normal Tuesday night programming choices …

We are RESUMING our weekly LOST Series re-watch tonight. We will be pressing play on Season 2, Episodes 3 and 4 at 10p (ET).  “Orientation” is a Locke episode and “Everybody Hates Hugo” is a Hurley episode. Follow me on Twitter (@Popcultureview) and tweet along with us! We have to go back!

Photo: ABC

8pm Hour:

1st Choice:   The Great American Read.  “Join host Meredith Vieira in the search for America’s best-loved novel. The voting is underway, and the competition is heating up—any book could win.” PBS

2nd Choice:  America’s Got Talent. “Live Semi Finals 2.  A semi-final round.” NBC

3rd Choice:  Beat Shazam.  “Best friends, a married couple, and barrel racers try to identify various songs to win a cash prize.” Fox

9pm Hour:

Photo: NBCU International — © Outpost TV LLC. Courtesy of Electric Entertainment

1st Choice:  The Outpost. “Talon, Janzo and Garret venture into forbidden territory in search of the Book of Names. An army is led to the Outpost gates.” The CW

2nd Choice: America’s Got Talent. Continues on NBC.

3rd Choice:  Murder By Numbers. “Dallas has its dark side, but nothing compares the horror of a series of women found murdered with their eyeballs surgically removed. A pair beat cops use their street savvy to lead detectives to a sadistic killer—and his bizarre motive.” ID

10pm Hour:

Photo: ABC

1st Choice:   LOST Series Rewatch.  Season 2, Episodes 3, “Orientation” and 4 “Everybody Hates Hugo”. Orientation: “Jack and Locke discover that the hatch is a 1970’s station built to control an electromagnetic anomaly on the island and learn that it was built by the Dharma Initiative, a scientific research team. Michael, Sawyer, and Jin find out that they are being held captive by the passengers of Flight 815’s tail section, who have apparently survived. Flashbacks show Locke struggling with father issues and his relationship with Helen, who helps him let go of the issues with his father.” Everybody Hates Hugo: “The tail section survivors take Michael, Sawyer, and Jin to an abandoned Dharma station. Hurley is tasked with dividing up the food in the hatch. Claire and Shannon find the bottle with the messages from the raft. In flashbacks, Hurley quits his job and his best friend turns against him after he wins the lottery.” Hulu

2nd Choice:  The Purge. “Jane considers the morality of Purge. Miguel searches for Pete the Cop.”  USA

3rd Choice:  Mayans M.C. “The Mayans seek answers from a local crew as the Galindo worlds north and south of the border collide.” FX

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