What To Watch Tonight – Thursday, September 6, 2018

What To Watch Tonight?  Well, Thursdays are … not great. But, we still have brand new Queen of the South (Our Top Pick To Watch Tonight!), as well as  Shooter and Take Two!! And to some, most importantly, we have the start of the NFL Football Season!

(Photo by: Felicia Graham/USA Network)

8pm Hour:


1st Choice:  NFL Football.  “Atlanta Falcons (10-6 last year) at Philadelphia Eagles (13-3). From Lincoln Financial Field. The last two NFC champs clash in this season opener.” NBC

2nd Choice:  The First 48.  “A beloved uncle is killed when he attempts to help his niece leave her boyfriend. When a man is randomly shot in front of his sister’s house, a disturbed neighbor may be the most likely suspect. When a father of three is gunned down, Tulsa homicide is surprised by a community member’s unexpected response. One early fall morning in Mobile, Alabama, a suspect on a bike executes a young man in broad daylight.”  A&E

3rd Choice:   Chopped.  “From kitschy classics to artisanal designer doughnuts, the chefs get a taste of it all as they celebrate delicious rings of joy in every round and feel the pressure of performing well for a demanding doughnut connoisseur, judge Martha Stewart.” Food

9pm Hour:

(Photo by: Felicia Graham/USA Network)

1st Choice:  Queen of the South.  “Teresa tries to free a friend from his cage and comes face-to-face with her sworn enemy.” USA

2nd Choice:  NFL Football. Continues on NBC.

3rd Choice:  Big Brother.  “Following a live vote, a Houseguest is evicted and interviewed by host Julie Chen. Remaining Houseguests compete for next Head of Household.” ABC

10pm Hour:

(Photo by: Eddy Chen/USA Network)

1st Choice:   Shooter.  “As Bob Lee finds himself torn between justice and family, Atlas pivots to a new game plan. Isaac and Nadine investigate an overlooked Jack Long thread. Harris meets with a powerful ally.”  USA

2nd Choice:  NFL Football. Continues on NBC.

3rd Choice:   Take Two. “Sam’s friend implores Sam and Eddie to track down and recover a $50 million painting that was stolen from his auction house. If he can’t get it back before the upcoming auction, his personal and professional reputation will be ruined. With the clock ticking, Sam and Eddie manage to identify a suspect who they believe was hired to steal the painting by a wealthy, corrupt businessman. Meanwhile, Sam’s return to the dating scene tests her relationship with Eddie.” ABC

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