What To Watch Tonight – Thursday, March 28, 2019

What To Watch Tonight?  Our Top Pick Tonight is the season finale of Flack, on POP. Through six episodes, its been an unexpected delight as it dives into the unseemly underbelly of celebrity PR.  Also new tonight that we like, Project Runway, and the series premiere of NBC’s newest sitcom, Abby’sCheers with a twist!

On Twitter, we’ll be continuing our Friday Night Lights series re-watch. Tonight, at 9pm (ET), we’re watching episodes 10 and 11 of Season 11!  Follow me, @popcultureview, on Twitter and use the hashtags #FNLRewatch and #Nevermind.

Photo: POP

8pm Hour:

(Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo)

1st Choice: Project Runway. “The pressure is high as the designers are tasked to create bold head-to-toe looks using a single print. One of the most influential celebrity stylists in the country, Marni Senofonte, surprises the designers by lending her expertise in this “go big or go home” challenge.” Bravo

2nd Choice: Europe in Chaos: Brexit. “On the evening of June 23, 2016, Prime Minister David Cameron and his inner circle gathered at 10 Downing Street to witness a turning point in British history. Nearly 52% of the people of the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, a decision that effectively ended Cameron’s political career and left the world wondering what happens next. This is the inside account of Brexit, from the British conservatives demanding a referendum to the team of European presidents and prime ministers scrambling to prevent the E.U. from being torn apart.” Smithsonian

3rd Choice:  Mega Machines: Sea Giants. “A team of expert engineers works to secure the Mississippi’s levees and keep its busy boat traffic rolling.” Science

9pm Hour:

(Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

1st Choice:  Abby’sNOTE: Begins at 9:30pm. “In the premiere, Abby’s unlicensed backyard bar hits a major snag when new landlord Bill, who recently inherited the house from his deceased aunt, shows up and proposes major changes” NBC

2nd Choice: Project Runway. Continues on Bravo.

3rd Choice:   Legacies. “A group of unwelcome visitors descends upon The Salvatore School, and Hope leads the charge to keep her friends safe. Meanwhile, MG uncovers a secret about his mother and Josie finds herself in a dire situation.” The CW

10pm Hour:

Photo: POP

1st Choice:  Flack. “During the anticipated mayhem of a famous soccer player’s wedding, Robyn’s life begins to unravel and her house of cards is on the verge of collapse.” Pop

2nd Choice: Killing Time. “A mother is found brutally murdered, terrifying her Las Vegas community. A tip from a convicted criminal leads detectives deep into the desert hills. Surveillance footage reveals there’s definitely something sinister afoot.” ID

3rd Choice:  For the People. “The team in the public defender’s office takes on the case of a young man accused of strangling a woman to death and are determined to prove him innocent. Meanwhile, Tina and Sandra go head-to-head after a man is arrested while transporting a body part through the airport. Elsewhere, Seth and Leonard grow closer after they are tasked with speaking to a conference of an unusually young group of future lawyers.” ABC

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