What To Watch Tonight – Thursday, February 28, 2019

What To Watch Tonight?  Our Top Pick Tonight is Flack, on POP.  We like the dark humor and conflicted protagonist that Paquin is playing.  Also new tonight, The Orville, Siren,  Gotham and the season finale of A Million Little Things.

On Twitter, we’ll be continuing our Friday Night Lights series re-watch. Tonight, at 9pm (ET), we’re watching episodes 4 and 5 of Season 1!  Follow me, @popcultureview, on Twitter and use the hashtags #FNLRewatch and #FullHearts

Photo: POP

8pm Hour:

(Freeform/Jack Rowand)

1st Choice:  Siren.  “Katrina tries to get the rest of the mermaid pack on her side.” Freeform

2nd Choice: Gotham. “Bullock’s past comes back to haunt him when he and Gordon investigate two murders at Sirens. Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred explore the tunnels beneath the city, and Penguin and Nygma’s plans to escape are thwarted by the least likely of suspects.” Fox

3rd Choice: Top Chef. “The final five chefs travel to the Chinese territory of Macau for the remaining battles of the competition. Judge Graham Elliot, who has a restaurant in Macau, introduces the Chefs to the local market full of fascinating ingredients and challenges them to a Quickfire highlighting unique Macanese proteins. The chefs throw a party celebrating Chinese New Year. Since it is the Year of the Pig, the dishes must feature pork products and be delicious enough to impress Hong Kong’s super chef Jowett Yu.” Bravo

9pm Hour:


1st Choice:  The Orville. “Ed and the crew travel to Isaac’s home planet, Kaylon.” Fox

2nd Choice: A Million Little ThingsSeason Finale. “The Season 1 finale. With questions lingering around Jon’s death, his loved ones try to move on, each taking meaningful steps forward in their own lives. As most of them begin to accept that they may never get the explanation they desire, an unexpected member of the group decides to dig even further into the mystery behind Barbara Morgan.” NBC

3rd Choice:  Legacies. “When the urn goes missing, Alaric, Hope, Josie, Lizzie, Kaleb, Dorian and Emma hit the road to locate the artifact before the next Malivore creature arrives. Meanwhile, Lizzie takes aim at Hope for all the past spring breaks she’s ruined. Finally, the group bands together when a town-wide quarantine threatens to expose their supernatural identities.” The CW

10pm Hour:

Photo: POP

1st Choice:  Flack. “Robyn creates a fake sex tape in an attempt to distract the press from the fact that her pop star client is being dropped by her record label.” Pop

2nd Choice: Kindred Spirits. “Amy Bruni and Adam Berry head to Tennessee to investigate Hales Bar Dam, a location cursed by a chieftain warlord. Centuries later the curse still wreaks havoc on the land, and the current owner fears an evil entity is out for revenge.” Travel

3rd Choice:  Killing Time. “The killer of Kelley is investigated.” ID

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