What To Watch Tonight: Thursday, December 26, 2019

What To Watch Tonight? Happy Boxing Day (which is totally not a thing in America). Back to TV watching, we have two animated treats for our Top Picks to Watch Tonight! First, Happy New Year, Charlie Brown kicks off the night and rings in the new year. Second, an animated special of Doctor Who, recreating a lost 4-episode storyline from the Second Doctor era. Check out all of our picks for the night below. What are you watching?


8pm Hour:


1st Choice: Happy New Year, Charlie Brown. “From 1986: Charlie Brown rings in the new year at a party with Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” and ends up missing the evening’s surprise. Also: 1980’s “She’s a Good Skate, Charlie Brown,” which features Snoopy helping Peppermint Patty train for her first ice-skating competition.” ABC

2nd Choice: Doctor Who. Part of BBC America Marathon. “Blink. A mystery spanning decades has the Doctor providing assistance from 1969 to a present-day photographer (Carey Mulligan) via cryptic warnings about weeping angels.” BBC America

3rd Choice: An Unexpected Killer. “Police in small-town Louisiana investigate the mysterious and brutal murder of a beloved neighbor with no known enemies.” Oxygen

9pm Hour:

Photo Credit: BBC America

1st Choice: Doctor Who. Animated Special Recreating a lost 4-episode storyline from 1967, featuring the Second Doctor. “The Macra Terror. The TARDIS arrives at a Human colony that appears to be run along the lines of a holiday camp. Everyone seems very happy, but their happiness is not real; something is controlling them.” BBC America

2nd Choice: The Great Holiday Baking Show: Holiday Edition. “The bakers are back and this week they are challenged to create deliciously flaky and flavorful pastries, as well as holiday cookies perfect for any Christmas celebration.” ABC

3rd Choice: A Winter Nightmare. “A young doctor is found brutally slain in his bathtub. Detectives embark on a chase through the wintry streets of Pittsburgh to catch the cold and calculated killer before he strikes again.” ID

10pm Hour:

Photo Credit: BBC America

1st Choice:  Doctor Who. Continues on BBC America.

2nd Choice: The Great Holiday Baking Show: Holiday Edition. Continues on ABC.

3rd Choice: The Interrogator. “A mother of two is shot to death outside her apartment complex minutes after returning home from her 30th birthday celebration. After interviewing multiple witnesses and suspects, Detective Fil Waters uncovers a shocking lead caught on video.” ID

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