What To Watch Tonight – Thursday, August 29, 2019

What To Watch Tonight?  An all new The Outpost is our Top Pick To Watch Tonight! Also on, a new entry in the anthology horror series, Two Sentence Horror Stories.  Check out all of our picks for the night below.  What are you watching?

Photo: Aleksander Letic/NBCU International

8pm Hour:

Photo: Aleksander Letic/NBCU International

1st Choice:  The Outpost. “Talon (Jessica Green) and Zed (guest star Reece Ritchie) pursue a cold-blooded killer in a bold rescue attempt. Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse) tasks Janzo (Anand Desai-Barochai) with finding a cure for the plaguelings, as well as a delusional patient. Gwynn and Garret (Jake Stormoen) are reunited. ” The CW

2nd Choice: Killer Affair. “When a small town dentist is stabbed to death, investigators searching for his killer are surprised to discover a tangle of extra-marital affairs and infidelity in his life. The odd behavior of an unexpected suspect helps crack the case.” Oxygen

3rd Choice: Holey Moley. Repeat. “Twelve contestants put their skills to the test and face off on a super-sized miniature golf course.”

9pm Hour:

Photo: Stage 13/The CW

1st Choice:  Two Sentence Horror Stories.  “A beauty vlogger records a complex makeup tutorial as the camera catches someone slipping into her room when she’s not looking. Aleyse Shannon, Guillermo Arribas and Guillian Gioiello star in the episode”  The CW

2nd Choice: Reef Break. “Petra unknowingly finds herself in the center of illegal activity involving Regina, the younger sister of criminal Doug O’Casey; and Cat Chambers works to free Petra and comes face-to-face with an old adversary on the Reef.” ABC

3rd Choice: The Dead Files. “In an enhanced episode, when demonic forces devastate a terrified family in Covington, Louisiana, Steve and Amy step in to investigate. Amy endures an excruciating walk where she encounters a dangerous demon capable of controlling the living.” Travel

10pm Hour:

(Photo by: Skip Bolen/USA Network)

1st Choice:  Queen of the South. “Teresa must solidify a new business deal to take down an enemy – but an unexpected visitor arrives.” USA

2nd Choice: Reef Break. “It’s Cat Chambers’ birthday. Everyone on The Reef is getting together to celebrate, but Cat quickly becomes ill resulting in her most dangerous and life-threatening situation yet.” ABC

3rd Choice:  Impractical Jokers. “Sal, Q, Joe and Murr bus their way through Katz’s Deli, then express some unpopular opinions at the park. Plus, tonight’s big loser must talk his way through some real highs and lows, in a punishment that truly sucks.” TruTV