What To Watch Tonight: Sunday, February 23, 2020

What To Watch Tonight? There is almost TOO much on tonight. The season 5 premiere of Better Call Saul is our Top Pick to Watch! Also, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, The Outsider, Avenue 5 & the return of The Walking Dead. Head to podclubhouse.com for our weekly episode breakdowns of The Outsider and Avenue 5). Check out the full list of picks for the night below.  What are you watching?

Bob Odenkirk Photo Credit: Warrick Page/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

8pm Hour:

Photo: Michael Courtney/The CW

1st Choice:  Batwoman. “A new villain sinks her teeth into Gotham and The Hold Up opens in grand fashion. Sophie reluctantly requests that Batwoman keep her distance knowing their interactions could compromise her career.” The CW

2nd Choice: Doctor Who. “In the far future, the Doctor and her friends face a brutal battle across the farthest reaches of space to protect the last of the human race against the deadly Cybermen.” BBC America

3rd Choice: Outlander. “Claire and Jamie’s colonial life in America is under threat, as they’re pinned between their ties to the crown and a rising undercurrent of unrest. Meanwhile, Brianna and Roger struggle to overcome the harm Stephen inflicted on their lives.” Starz

9pm Hour:

(Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

1st Choice: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. “Zoey must decide whether or not to get involved in her boss’s Joan’s troubled marriage after she hears Joan sing a “heart song.” Zoey creates a new program for the family to communicate with Mitch, but when his first word is not what they expected, Maggie reaches a breaking point.” NBC

2nd Choice: The Outsider. “Sensing something ominous afoot, Claude (Paddy Considine) reconnects with his brother Seale (Max Beesley) in Tennessee, while Holly (Cynthia Erivo), Ralph (Ben Mendelsohn), Yunis (Yul Vázquez) and Andy (Derek Cecil) follow him in hopes of isolating the evil force and thwarting its next kill. Meanwhile, a family visiting a local cave festival narrowly avoids a dangerous encounter. ” HBO

3rd Choice: The Walking DeadMid-Season Premiere. “Our group must figure out how to get out of a precarious situation.” AMC

10pm Hour:

Photo Credit: Warrick Page/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

1st Choice:  Better Call Saul. Season Premiere. “Now doing business as Saul Goodman, Jimmy unveils an unorthodox strategy for client development that tests Kim’s tolerance of his new legal persona. Lalo searches for the mysterious Michael, only to discover a problem within his own operation.” AMC

2nd Choice: Avenue 5. “As Avenue 5 celebrates the birth of a space baby, Ryan (Hugh Laurie) and Billie (Lenora Crichlow) try to identify the source of an incessant beeping, and Judd (Josh Gad) shares his latest grand idea at Karen’s (Rebecca Front) passenger-crew liaison meeting. In the nation’s capital, Rav (Nikki Amuka-Bird) appeals to the President for rescue funds but, in exchange, is faced with an ethical dilemma.” HBO

3rd Choice: Good Girls. “Beth makes a choice that surprises those around her just as an old foe from the past returns. Meanwhile, Annie finds a helpful outlet on her road to self-improvement.” NBC

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