What To Watch Tonight – Sunday, December 9, 2018

What to Watch Tonight?!? A great night of TV awaits you with the kick off of the annual Arrowverse crossover event, which these year is called “Elseworlds.” Supergirl and The Flash switch nights this week so The Flash kicks us off at 8pm. At 10pm, our other Top Pick To Watch tonight is episode 6 of Nightflyers (the next 5 night binge begins now!). Read our Love It Or Leave It? Review here! Also on, My Brilliant Friend, Doctor Who, Shark Tank, and Dirty John And last, Sunday Night Football!

Bonus picks tonight include new Outlander at 8pm and the season 2 premiere of Counterpart at 9, both on Starz! What will you be watching?

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

8pm Hour:

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

1st Choice:  The Flash.  Elseworlds, Part 1! “Barry Allen and Oliver Queen wake up one morning to find they’ve swapped bodies with each other. They set off to find out what disturbed the timeline to cause such a shift, and things quickly go from bad to worse when they present their case to Team Flash and the gang doesn’t believe them. Barry and Oliver realize they need Supergirl’s help and travel to Smallville on Earth-38 where they end up meeting Kara’s cousin, Clark Kent, and intrepid reporter, Lois Lane.” The CW

2nd Choice:  Doctor Who.  “On the planet of Ranskoor Av Kolos, lies the remains of a brutal battlefield. But as the Doctor, Graham, Yaz and Ryan answer nine separate distress calls, they discover the planet holds far more secrets. Who is the mysterious commander with no memory?” BBC America

3rd Choice:   Sunday Night Football.   “Los Angeles Rams (11-1) at Chicago Bears (8-4). From Soldier Field. ” NBC

9pm Hour:

Photo: HBO

1st Choice:  My Brilliant Friend.  “Elena returns to Naples to find Lila has made a romantic connection with Stefano, despite the looming presence of Marcello. As Lila embraces a more glamorous life at Stefano’s side, Elena warns her about what people are saying around the neighborhood. Later, in hopes of keeping up with her friend, Elena encourages one suitor and rebuffs the advances of another.” HBO

2nd Choice:  Shark Tank. “A family of entrepreneurs from Chapin, S.C., and Fairhope, Ala., present a product that satisfies a unique obsession; a husband and wife from Englewood, N.J., introduce a subscription service that makes meal time for kids stress-free for parents; an entrepreneur from Yorba Linda, Cal., pitches a Bollywood-inspired dance fitness program; and a husband and wife from Dallas give the Sharks a taste of their better-tasting probiotic beverage.” ABC

3rd Choice:  Sunday Night Football.  Continues on NBC.

10pm Hour:

(Photo by: Jonathan Hession/Syfy)

2nd Choice:  Dirty John.  “Debra discovers John’s criminal record. In the past, John starts his first family.” Bravo

3rd Choice:  Sunday Night Football.  Continues on NBC.

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