What To Watch Tonight – Monday, October 22, 2018

What To Watch Tonight? Manifest is turning out better than I expected (check out our recap of last week’s episode here), and there is the excellent Eli Roth’s History of Horror on AMC. But our Top Picks To Watch Tonight are the all new Arrow and the Season 4 premiere of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow! Also on tonight, Monday Night Football!   

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

8pm Hour

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW 

1st Choice:  Arrow. “In order to track down Diaz from inside prison, Oliver has to align with an old enemy. Meanwhile, in Star City, Felicity’s attempts to root out Diaz are thwarted by Diggle, whose allegiance to ARGUS now requires him to keep civilians like her on the outs. Realizing that she can no longer rely on her old team or old methods, a clear-eyed Felicity resolves to find a new way to go after Diaz.” The CW

2nd Choice: Monday Night Football. “New York Giants (1-5) at Atlanta Falcons (2-4). From Mercedes-Benz Stadium. ” ESPN

3rd Choice:  The Voice. “The battle round continues.” NBC

9pm Hour

Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

1st Choice:  Legends of Tomorrow. “In the Season 4 premiere, the Legends find themselves in unfamiliar territory with the Time Bureau after defeating Mallus and eliminating the final anachronism from time. All that changes when Constantine informs Sara of a new magical threat that leads the team to Woodstock.” The CW

2nd Choice: Monday Night Football. Continues on ESPN.

3rd Choice:   The Voice. Continues on NBC

10pm Hour

(Photo by: Craig Blankenhorn/NBC/Warner Brothers)

1st Choice:  Manifest. “Stories unfold for those left behind in the aftermath of Flight 828’s disappearance. Meanwhile in the present, Cal takes Ben on a mysterious adventure that awakens Ben to his son’s perplexing abilities. Michaela tries to protect Jared from consequences at work, while keeping her romantic feelings at bay.” NBC

2nd Choice: Eli Roth’s History of Horror. Slashers, Part 2. “Slashers got sophisticated in the ’90s, evolving from Freddy Kreuger to Candyman to the terrifying Hannibal Lector. The 2000s brought “torture porn”—a response to post-9/11 panic.” AMC

3rd Choice:  Monday Night Football. Continues on ESPN.

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