What To Watch Tonight – Monday, June 10, 2019

What To Watch Tonight?  Our Top Pick to Watch Tonight is the finale of Gentleman Jack. Otherwise, the only really interesting thing we’re looking forward to is an all new So You Think You Can Dance. What are you watching?!?

Photo: Suranne Jones, Stephanie Hyam (Credit: James Stack/HBO)

8pm Hour

Smith Channel

1st Choice:  Private Lives of the Monarchs. “After mental illness sent George III into a steep decline, Parliament handed power down to his son, the Prince Regent, a lascivious, hard-drinking, heavy-gambling bully. Soon afterwards, England’s Georgian Era came to a disastrous end. What is the true story behind these two kings? We uncover new analyses that are changing long-held theories about “Mad” King George’s condition and reveal how George IV’s redesigns of Buckingham Palace made it the royal residence we know today.” Smith

2nd Choice:  A Haunting. “A family’s dream home becomes the focus of an abusive ghost.” Travel.

3rd Choice:  In Ice Cold Blood. “An entrepreneur is killed inside his office and secrets are suddenly unearthed secrets and lies.” Oxygen

9pm Hour

CR: Adam Rose/FOX

1st Choice:  So You Think You Can Dance. “The auditions continue in Los Angeles, as the judges search for the best dancers in the nation” Fox

2nd Choice: People Magazine Investigates: Cults.  “In the late 60s, Charles Manson entices dozens of young women to live with him in a California desert commune. The facade breaks when Manson orders his followers to commit a string of gruesome murders that 50 years later, still haunt the nation’s psyche.” ID

3rd Choice:  A Haunting. Continues on Travel.

10pm Hour

Credit: James Stack/HBO

1st Choice:  Gentleman Jack. Season Finale. “Following a four-week journey from Paris to Copenhagen, Lister (Suranne Jones) finds acceptance and appreciation in Danish high society, stepping out of her sartorial comfort zone to attend a birthday ball hosted by Queen Marie (Sophie Grabol). When difficult news arrives from Shibden, Lister is faced with the decision to stay in Europe or go back home. In Scotland, a shocking discovery about Captain Sutherland (Derek Riddell) leads Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) to make a bold resolution about her future. An unexpected visitor to the farm threatens to expose Thomas Sowden’s (Tom Lewis) macabre secret.” HBO

2nd Choice:  Mysteries of Apollo.  “The heroes of NASA’s Apollo program faced a set of Herculean challenges before journeying to the moon, and new discoveries reveal the secrets of the rigorous program to turn the first astronauts into legendary cosmic explorers.” Science

3rd Choice:  Breaking Homicide. “Robin Pope’s decomposed body washes ashore three weeks after being reported missing.” ID

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