What To Watch Tonight – Friday, October 12, 2018

PCR Favorite, MacGyver, is our Top Pick to Watch Tonight. Also on, Last Man Standing, Hell’s Kitchen, the season premiere of Dynasty and an excellent PBS special, Shakespeare Uncovered.

 Photo: Annette Brown/CBS

8pm Hour:

Photo: Jace Downs/CBS

1st Choice:  MacGyver. “MacGyver, Riley, Bozer and Leanna go undercover on a college campus to smoke out a deep-cover operative who is recruiting students to carry out deadly attacks around the world. Also, Jack joins bounty hunter Billy Colton in the hunt for a bail jumper but is concerned when he finds out Billy offered Riley a job.” CBS

2nd Choice:  Dynasty. “In the Season 2 premiere, the fate of the Carringtons’ legacy falls on Fallon’s shoulders.” The CW

3rd Choice:  Last Man Standing. “Facing a corporate takeover, Mike and Ed disagree on the direction of Outdoor Man’s future. Meanwhile, Vanessa is elated when she thinks Mandy and Kyle are trying to have a baby.”  Fox

9pm Hour:

CR: Tyler Golden / FOX.

1st Choice:  Hell’s Kitchen. “The chefs are tasked with serving lunch to a room full of Marines and prepare dishes that represent the air (chicken parmesan), the land (NY Strip) and the sea (fish and chips). The first team to serve all of the Marines on their side of the dining room wins the challenge and is awarded a day at Paramount Ranch, where they will have the opportunity to star in their own western film. Later, the most dramatic dinner service ever ends with a shocking contestant walk-out.” Fox

2nd Choice: Shakespeare Uncovered.  “Helen Hunt explores “Much Ado About Nothing,” an exquisite comedy of comparison and contrast, including what the ultimate “ado” about “nothing” really means.” PBS

3rd Choice:  Live PD. “A live look at police” across the country as they work the night shift in real-time.” A&E

10pm Hour:


1st Choice:   Shakespeare Uncovered. “F. Murray Abraham untangles the controversies surrounding “The Merchant of Venice,” addressing the ubiquitous anti-Semitism that characterized Europe in Shakespeare’s time.” PBS 

2nd Choice:  Haunted Live.  “The Tennessee Wraith Chasers take on the infamous Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace, TN. Plagued by tragic deaths, natural disasters and financial hardships, it is said a malevolent entity roams of the third floor of the 1917 building, terrorizing the living” Travel.

3rd Choice:  Live PD.  Continues on A&E.

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