What To Watch Tonight – Friday, January 18, 2019

What To Watch Tonight? Fridays are working their way back up to good programming. Our Top Picks to Watch Tonight are MacGyver and The Blacklist. Also on, new Hawaii Five-0, Blindspot and Hell’s Kitchen.  What are you watching?

Photo: Guy D’Alema/CBS

8pm Hour:

Photo: Guy D’Alema/CBS 

1st Choice:  MacGyver. “MacGyver takes Riley and Bozer into the wilderness for a weekend of survival training, but things take a turn when they run into a violent group of criminals who are searching the rugged backcountry for a lost crate of money. Also, Jack and Matty go on a road trip to place Matty’s ex-husband and his family in witness protection.” CBS

2nd Choice:  Blindspot. “Reade confronts Zapata, while the team follows a lead to a potential cure for Jane.” NBC

3rd Choice:  ABC Comedy Block. Fresh Off the Boat / Speechless. There is no chance we’re watching these but someone does, I suppose. There is nothing else on … ABC

9pm Hour:

(Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

1st Choice:  The Blacklist.  “Red acclimates to his new surroundings in federal prison, where he is challenged by an old rival. Samar goes undercover to stop a black market organization that fronts cash to criminals. Meanwhile, Liz and Jennifer continue their investigation into Red’s past.” NBC

2nd Choice:  Hawaii Five-0. “Adam, Junior and Tani travel to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean when a murder takes place in a remote underwater lab, and the killer may still be on board.” CBS

3rd Choice:  Hell’s Kitchen. “Chef Ramsay explains to the six remaining chefs that they will face three extensive challenges to determine which five chefs receive a black jacket.” Fox

10pm Hour:

1st Choice: My Mother’s Secret. “Janine Sutphen, a brilliant Cellist, disappears on her way to symphony practice. As police investigate, Janine’s sons reveal a secret that could explain their mother’s disappearance. ” ID

2nd Choice: Howie Mandel Presents Howie Mandel at the Howie Mandel Comedy Club. “Howie Mandel’s first stand-up comedy special in over 20 years” Showtime

3rd Choice:  Live PDNote: This began at 9pm so you’d be joining in progress. “Dash cams capture footage from urban and rural police forces while on the job.” A&E