What To Watch Tonight: Friday, April 3, 2020

What To Watch Tonight? Syfy’s latest comic book adaptation, Vagrant Queen, is our Top Pick to Watch Tonight! But also, the series finale of Hawaii Five-0! Check out all of our picks for the night below. What are you watching tonight?

(Photo by: Marcus Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)


8pm Hour:

(Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

1st Choice: The Blacklist. “The Task Force investigates a series of attacks on data centers perpetrated by a blacklister with a peculiar condition, as Liz conducts a secret investigation on the side. Meanwhile, Glen desperately tries to prove his value to Red after a shipping mishap.” NBC

2nd Choice: MacGyver. “After Oversight is almost killed in a bombing, he recruits Mac to help him find the bomber, Mason. However, when Mason reveals he didn’t plant the bomb, the three team up to track down Codex, the shadow organization that set them up. Also, Mac meets his aunt Gwendolyn.” CBS

3rd Choice:  Charmed. “The Charmed Ones must join forces with Parker when Mel is endangered in the demon world. Harry and Jordan infiltrate the Faction with dangerous consequences.” The CW

9pm Hour:

Photo: Karen Neal/CBS 

1st Choice: Hawaii Five-0Series Finale. “Aloha. Danny is abducted and badly wounded by Wo Fat’s wife, who is after the cypher Steve’s mother left him. Also, Steve finally solves the case his father left for him 10 years ago.” CBS

2nd Choice:  Dynasty. “Fallon and Liam decide parenthood ain’t so bad and work to persuade Heidi to keep Connor close by. Blake and Cristal get charitable, while Alexis recruits Adam to help with Jeff’s illness. Sam gives Kirby an opportunity to prove herself by helping with the Atlantix weekend festivities at La Mirage.” The CW

3rd Choice:  Live PD. “Dash cams capture footage from urban and rural police forces while on the job.” A&E

10pm Hour:

V(Photo by: Marcus Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)

1st Choice:  Vagrant Queen. “The team are forced to stop for repairs, but the cannibals who inhabit the planet have other plans.” Syfy

2nd Choice: Strike Back.  “S20 hatches a plan to storm a freighter carrying a weapons shipment, but when Spencer (John Michie) administers a kill order, Coltrane (Jamie Bamber) grows suspicious of his motives. As each member of S20 contemplates whether to follow their conscience, Zayef (Alec Secareanu) divulges intel that could drastically change their fate. Meanwhile, Arianna (Ivana Milicevic) and Loric (Maxim Baldry) feud over the power structure of their family.” Cinemax

3rd Choice: Live PD. Continues on A&E.

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