What To Watch Tonight – Friday, April 12, 2019

What To Watch Tonight? Our Top Pick To Watch Tonight is the new Cinemax series, Warrior. We really enjoyed last week’s premiere! Also high on our list, all new Proven Innocent and MacGyver.  What are you watching?

Credit: David Bloomer/Cinemax


8pm Hour:

Photo: Jace Downs/CBS 

1st Choice:  MacGyver. “MacGyver and Desi help a group of Syrian refugees who are being pursued by human traffickers. Also, in Los Angeles, Bozer is trapped in Oversight’s car, which is rigged to explode.” CBS

2nd Choice:  Blindspot. “The team faces a pestiferous foe. Zapata goes rogue with an old friend as Jane and Weller continue their search for the hooded figure.” NBC

3rd Choice:  Strange Evidence. “a team of experts analyses footage that seems to defy explanation, including levitating cars on a freeway, a statue that appears to move on its own, and a spontaneous burst of flames.” Science

9pm Hour:

Cr: Jean Whiteside/FOX

1st Choice:  Proven Innocent. “The Injustice Defense Group is approached to exonerate a former frat boy who is charged with rape and murder, but a turn in Davon Watkins’ case forces Madeline to head back to Ohio, leaving Easy and Bodie to solve this case alone before Easy’s mentor, Judge Fry. Meanwhile, Bellows struggles with the values of his campaign, Levi follows up with a high school classmate to find out more about Rosemary’s past and Wren is up for parole.” Fox

2nd Choice: The Blacklist. “Liz and Ressler investigate a Blacklister who offers to erase gambling debts at a deceptively high price. Meanwhile, Dembe grows concerned as Red tests the loyalties of their business associates in search of the individual who turned him in to the police.” NBC

3rd Choice: Hawaii Five-0.  “Five-0 investigates the murder of a man whose body may hold the key to a 20-year-old case involving a kidnapped girl whose father never stopped looking for her.” CBS

10pm Hour:

Credit: David Bloomer/Cinemax

1st Choice: Warrior. “Intercepting a shipment of opium at the docks, Young Jun, with Ah Sahm and his Hop Wei lieutenant Bolo in tow, decides to send a message to Long Zii. Big Bill and Lee investigate a grisly murder scene in an alley next to an Irish bar, The Banshee. Penny Blake, the young wife of San Francisco’s mayor, finds herself in a bind while visiting the wharf with her Chinese manservant Jacob. Ah Sahm pays a steep price for playing the hero. The Long Zii clean up a mess, and brace for more bloodshed.” Cinemax

2nd Choice: Death and Taxes. “A tax attorney prone to violent outbursts at work becomes entangled in a murder mystery.” ID

3rd Choice: Live PDNOTE: This started at 9pm.  “A live look at police across the country as they work the night shift in real-time” A&E

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