What To Watch Tonight – Thursday, February 7, 2019

What To Watch Tonight?  Thursdays, already not a great night of TV, are a little bit worse tonight with no new The Orville or Gotham.  That makes Siren our Top Pick To Watch. Also on, Supernatural, Legacies, A Million Little Things and S.W.A.T.  Online, a new episode of Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS All Access.

On Twitter, we will begin a series re-watch of Friday Night Lights at 9pm (EST) so please feel free to join us for that!!! Use the hashtags #FNLRewatch and #TexasForever for this week!

Photo: NBC

8pm Hour:

(Freeform/David Bukach)

1st Choice:  Siren.  “Ryn fights to maintain leadership of the pack when the other mermaids question her loyalties. Ben interferes in a mermaid ritual causing friction between himself and Ryn, meanwhile, Helen discovers more about her family lineage.” Freeform

2nd Choice: Supernatural. “Sam and Dean look to occult lore for a solution to their latest problem, but instead of a resolution, they find much more than either of them had anticipated.” The CW

3rd Choice: Titan Games. “Competitors are pushed to the limit in unforgiving head-to-head challenges set up by Dwayne Johnson, with winners advancing to the ultimate challenge of Mt. Olympus. Male and female competitors who conquer Mt. Olympus become Titans, who return later.” NBC

9pm Hour:

Photo: Annette Brown/The CW

1st Choice:  Legacies. “Following a stay in Europe with her mother, Lizzie returns to Mystic Falls and comes face to face with someone who could make all her wishes come true—including making Hope Mikaelson disappear” The CW

2nd Choice: Brooklyn Nine-Nine. “Terry believes the Pontiac Bandit is stealing cars again, but Jake is convinced his friend wouldn’t do that. The rest of the squad fight to keep Shaw’s a police bar after some firemen stake their claim to it.”

3rd Choice:  A Million Little Things. “On the eve of the new restaurant opening, Delilah tracks down a handsome expert to help with the last-minute details. Meanwhile, Regina struggles with her overbearing mother who causes friction by bringing up disturbing details of her past.” ABC

10pm Hour:

Photo: Bill Inoshita/CBS

1st Choice:  S.W.A.T. “Hondo reunites with an old flame, FBI Special Agent Elle Trask, when the SWAT team works with the FBI to bring in a separatist group with weapons-grade plutonium. Also, the SWAT team worries they will lose an annual law enforcement charity competition to the Los Angeles Fire Department.” CBS

2nd Choice: Kindred Spirits.  “Amy Bruni and Adam Berry investigate a haunted mirror in Gettysburg, PA, one of the most paranormally active places in America. Abnormal activity turned to unrest when an entity suddenly became physical. Is the mirror a portal?” Travel

3rd Choice:  Dead of Winter. “Detectives look into the disappearance of Dean Fawcett.” ID