What To Watch – Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tonight features the premiere of one of the Summer shows Pop Culture Mike is most excited about, Cloak and Dagger (in back to back episodes) on Freeform.  Otherwise, check out Real Genius at 10pm (especially if you’ve never seen this totally 80’s movie).

The best thing for you to check out tonight is Jay and Mike’s TV Talk discussion with Jen Ponton (Dietland)on the new show and its impact in our culture.  Follow the link below and tune in at 9pm (ET)!

Dietland’s Jen Ponton Joins TV Talk!

8pm Hour:

(Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani)

1st Choice:  Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger.  Series Premiere. “Two teenagers from very different backgrounds find themselves burdened and awakened to newly acquired superpowers while falling in love. The series premiere.” Freeform.

2nd Choice:  Celebrity Family Feud. A repeat from last year but if you’re looking for something mindless, here you go. “Steve Harvey’s wife, sons and sons-in-law battle his mother-in-law and daughters; and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and family compete against Ralph Sampson and family.”  ABC

3rd Choice: The Four: Battle for Stardom.  “The Season 2 premiere. Four vocal gladiators, spanning all music genres, have been chosen and begin the fight to defend their coveted seats in front of a panel of industry experts.” FOX

9pm Hour:

(Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani)

1st Choice:  Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger.   “Tandy and Tyrone try to grasp what has happened to them with their new-found powers, while Tandy’s past catches up with her and Tyrone becomes consumed with revenge. Meanwhile, Detective Brigid O’Reilly works an interesting case that has ties to Tandy.” Freeform

2nd Choice:  Murder Calls. “A terrified neighbor calls 911 when she witnesses a young mother gunned down in her driveway. Police work to uncover a complex conspiracy that ripped the loving mother from her three children, just to keep dark secrets hidden.” ID

3rd Choice:   The Four: Battle for Stardom. Continues on FOX.

10pm Hour:

1st Choice:   Real Genius.  This 1985 Val Kilmer classic is absolutely worth the watch if you haven’t watched it before.  “Collegiate science prodigies are tapped to perfect a laser, unaware that the government plans to put it to deadly use.” BBC America

2nd Choice: Extreme Measures.  “When a beloved woman goes missing, her family fears someone close is responsible. A daughter and sister stop at nothing to find justice—even if it takes more than a decade” ID

3rd Choice:  To Tell The Truth.  “Season 2 finale: Nikki Glaser; Mel Brooks; Cloris Leachman; and Michaela Watkins join the panel. Participants include a monster-truck driver; a dating disaster; and a kindergarten teacher who’s also a pro wrestler.”  ABC

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