What To Watch – Thursday, April 26, 2018

Its Thursday which means new Arrow (for a couple of more weeks anyway), Siren and Supernatural! Returning to the airwaves tonight is the Season 3 premiere of Quantico, our Top Pick To Watch (after Arrow, of course)!

 Photo: Daniel Power/The CW 

8pm Hour:

(Freeform/David Bukach)

1st Choice: Siren.  “Donna and Ryn clash over their feelings about humans. Xander, Chris, and Decker race to capture their own mermaid.” Freeform

2nd Choice: Supernatural.  “Gabriel is back and drags Sam and Dean into his plot for revenge on the demigods who sold him to Asmodeus. Meanwhile, Jack’s inflating confidence leads to reckless decisions that could put others in harm’s way.” The CW

3rd Choice: NFL Draft.  Round 1, live from Arlington, Texas.  Fox

9pm Hour:

Photo: Daniel Power/The CW 

1st Choice: Arrow. “Oliver turns to an old friend to help battle Diaz. Meanwhile, Rene is out of the hospital but has a hard time re-adjusting to life as Wild Dog. Also, Lance discovers something shocking about Black Siren.”  The CW

2nd Choice:    Mysteries at the Museum.  “Don Wildman investigates a pilot forced to fly a jumbo jet with no engines, the scandal behind the biggest boxing upset in history and an assassination attempt on a president-elect.” Travel Channel

3rd Choice:  NFL Draft.  Continues on Fox

10pm Hour:

(ABC/Viola Damiani)

1st Choice:    Quantico.  “The Season 3 premiere picks up three years later with Alex living a peaceful, anonymous life in Italy. However, Ryan persuades her to abandon the idyllic existence and help him rescue Shelby from a notorious international arms dealer known only as The Widow, who is holding her hostage—and in exchange for her release she demands something that only Alex can provide.” ABC

2nd Choice: Impractical Jokers.  A whole hour of new Jokers!! TruTV

3rd Choice:  S.W.A.T.  “Jimmy decides if her mother should live with him after her prison release or not. Later, Hondo and the team protect Irina Zemanova from being assassinated.” CBS

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