What To Watch – Sunday, August 12, 2018

With all new Sharp Objects, Preacher and the mid-season return of Fear the Walking Dead, Summer Sunday Nights make great TV!!  What are you watching?

(Photo Credit: Anne Marie Fox/HBO)

8pm Hour:

Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

1st Choice:  Fear the Walking Dead.  “Includes never-before-seen footage. Madison fights to preserve the life she worked so hard to build. Morgan tries to do the right thing.” [NOTE: Starts at 7:50]  AMC

2nd Choice:  Big Brother.  “The new Head of Households takes power and nominates two Houseguests for eviction. Hosted by Julie Chen.” CBS

3rd Choice:  My Haunted House. “A young woman is terrorized by visions from her past after returning home for her mother’s funeral, and a musician finds a suicide note that reveals the dark history of his new house.” Travel

9pm Hour:

(Photo Credit: Anne Marie Fox/HBO)

1st Choice:  Sharp Objects.  “Adora provides Chief Vickery with a key piece of evidence in the Ann Nash murder case; Richard probes for details about Camille’s dark past; John’s girlfriend, Ashley, looks to make news for herself; Amma bonds with Camille during and after a wild party.” HBO

2nd Choice:  Fear the Walking Dead.  “Morgan tries to help Alicia and this fractured group of survivors as a storm brews.”  AMC

3rd Choice:  The $100,000 Pyramid.  “Ken Jeong vs. Nico Santos; and Tim Meadows vs. Kathy Najimy.” ABC

10pm Hour:

Photo Credit: Alfonso Bresciani/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

1st Choice:   Preacher.  “Annville, Angelville and the Grail team up to steal souls in New Orleans and Osaka in a last-ditch effort satisfy Gran’ma and save the world.” AMC

2nd Choice:  Bar Rescue.  “Taffer revisits Tradewinds to see if negligent manager Chase has earned his sweat equity stake in the bar and returns to grill the owner of military bar 22 Klicks on his rookie mistakes” Spike

3rd Choice:  Shades of Blue.  “Harlee uncovers a betrayal. Cole tries to avoid Ramsey’s reach. Wozniak attempts to negotiate with the intelligence unit.” NBC

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