What To Watch – Monday, February 19, 2018

Only one more week of The Winter Olympics and then all of the rest of TV can come out of hiding with new episodes of their shows.  Its getting exhausting having nothing new to watch! What is new? The Alienist, one of our current obsessions!   Make sure you are live tweeting with us and reading our deep dive recaps!

Also on tonight, the 1980 classic, Airplane! – my undisputed choice for funniest movie ever made.

Photo by Kata Vermes

8 pm Hour:

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

9pm Hour:

Photo by Kata Vermes

1st Choice:   The Alienist.   “The team learns more about the killer. Moore and Sara share an intimate moment. Kreizler seeks advice from an old mentor. Roosevelt takes action.”  TNT

2nd Choice:   The Winter Olympics.  Continues on NBC.

3rd Choice: Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil  There are a couple of Warren Jeffs specials on tonight but this seemed the most interesting.  “Featuring extensive interviews with current and former church members, Warren Jeffs’ family, and the people who brought him to justice. Also: an inside look at the hidden compounds of the FLDS to reveal Warren Jeffs’ darkest secrets.” A&E

10pm Hour:

2018 WINTER OLYMPICS — Pictured: “PeyongChang 2018” Logo — (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

1st Choice:   The Winter Olympics. Continues on NBC.

2nd Choice: Airplane! The funniest movie of all time, according to me, is on tonight on AMC and you need to watch it.  It forms all of what I think is funny.  From 1980, the comedy still holds up today! “Ted Striker (Robert Hayes), a failed fighter pilot, is forced to take the controls of a commercial jet liner after the captain (Peter Graves) and co-pilot (basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) become ill. Encouraged by his stewardess girlfriend (Julie Haggerty) and zany Dr. Rumack (Leslie Nielsen), and receiving ground support from the even zanier Kramer (Robert Stack), Striker does his best to follow the incomprehensible instructions he is given. Meanwhile, passengers become daffy, berserk, sex-crazed, and generally impossible. The onslaught of one-liners and sight gags in AIRPLANE! is so relentless that even the most dour viewer is ultimately won over–or exhausted.” AMC

3rd Choice:  Warren Jeffs: Prophet of Evil. Continues on A&E.

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