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The Outpost
“Two Heads Are Better Than None” (Episode 102)
July 17, 2018

The last episode of The Outpost left off with Talon being stabbed and then being carried away by the man in the hood and cape – the same man that had been watching her at the bar [ED. NOTE: He was watching her like a total old man, creeper].

Who is that man? Does Talon survive?  Make sure you’re caught up on everything that happened last week with my deep dive recap & review here!

On to tonight’s action … after the jump (SPOILERS BEWARE)!

Tonight’s episode begins with Wythers doing some detective work in trying to figure out who killed Magmoor. He examines the black blood on the wall and suggests that there should be another dead body there. When he reads the message that Magmoor left behind, he seems concerned to have Magmoor snooping around the Outpost.

Talon’s fate is revealed as she is laying on a bed and the mysterious man that helped her is tending to her wounds. He is a blacksmith in the Outpost, but she is concerned that he has seen too much. He tells that her blood is the reason he saved her. He explains that there is a “Blackblood Prophecy” and he has spent half his life studying it.

“When the moon is aflame, A Blackblood will summon, the slayers of men, to conquer and purge, the oppressors of old.”

He explains THAT is the reason Magmoor wanted people like her dead. He gives her a scroll and tells her to study the words, but do not speak them aloud.

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Meanwhile, Gwynn summons Garret to her quarters. He tells her that Magmoor is dead and that he thinks Talon is the one who killed him. Gwynn is relieved he his dead and wants to thank Talon. She kisses Garret, but he stops her and says her father would kill him if he were to find out about them.

General Calkussar (Michael Flynn) sees Garret leaving Gwynn’s room. He asks if Garret killed Magmoor. Garret says that he wouldn’t kill a Covenant agent without the General’s permission first. The General asks about the Greyskin threat and Garret tells him that there were 50 new fires last night. Calkussar wants to tell the Prime Order to send money to pay for new recruits. The General instructs Garret to train them to be loyal to the Outpost and to him. He also warns Garret to stay away from his daughter.

Garret goes to deliver weapons to the armies. Kell (Thor Knai), a solider traveling with Garret, is feeling ill and is given a green powder that he snorts. Garret discusses how many of the men were infected by the Plaguelings and gives Raelius posters to hang up for open recruitment.

Wythers is curious about what Magmoor wrote: ‘one remains.’ He seals a letter and sends it out to Everit Dred.

Talon goes through the bar basement and Janzo finds her. He realizes that she is the one that killed the Covenant agent, but helps her because of his knowledge of medicines. Janzo leaves and Talon grabs a vial from her bag to snort a substance.

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Elinor meets with Worm (Ric Sarabia). He brings her a hundred score of raw “colipsum.” This appears to be the substance that we’ve seen Kell and Talon using.

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Talon awakes from a dream about her mother. She grabs the scroll the blacksmith gave her and says the words. A portal appears and a demon comes out of it. She screams, “Go away” and it leaves through the window.  Wythers visits the Nightshade Inn and sees Janzo cleaning up black blood from the stairs. He follows the blood to Talon’s room and sees the hole in the ceiling from the demon.

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Talon goes to see the blacksmith and asks about what the monster was. He tells her that it is a Lu-Qiri and that Blackbloods are a bridge between their world and ours. He tells Talon that she has to learn to control the Lu-Qiri or it will start to kill. She goes back to the Nightshade and meets Wythers and his men. She fights them and proves to Wythers that she is strong enough and capable of killing Magmoor. He takes her into custody. He cuts her and sees her black blood. This gives him enough evidence to make the decision to have her executed.

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Garret sees her in prison and tells Wythers that he doesn’t want “another innocent person to die because you’re wrong … again.” Garret talks to Talon about why she killed Magmoor and he wants to try to save her life. He goes to the General and sees Gwynn. He tells Gwynn of Marshal’s plan to kill Talon and Gwynn goes to stop him. She swears her oath and bond, but Wythers tells her it’s too late. He drops the blade of the guillotine. Garret throws his sword to stop it.

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Marshal goes to speak to the General and argues that the Prime Order will descend upon the Outpost when a life is not taken to pay for the death of their officer. The General commands Wythers to set Talon free after Gwynn requests it.  Outside, Kell has turned into a Plagueling and he attacks Garret. Talon stabs the Plagueling in the mouth and saves Garret’s life.

End credits.


This episode answered some questions from the first episode. We got more information about the man that was following Talon. We also learned a little more about her powers.

I’m curious in seeing where the introduction of colipsum will go. Will there be more of a medicinal purpose to this substance? Possibly for the Plaguelings?

We explore relationships quite a bit in this episode. We see romance between Gwynn and Garret which seems to be one-sided. We also see Gwynn standing up for Talon. It will interesting to see these two characters play off each other seeing as Gwynn is the complete opposite of Talon. The relationship between Garret and his father is also noteworthy. What is the story behind Wythers killing an innocent person—at least, according to Garret? It doesn’t seem like he is wrong often and he made the right calculations about Talon. He even made sure to have the evidence to back it up.

Also, I am wondering if we should keep a scorecard of how many times Talon and Garret save each other’s lives. It seems like this may be a reoccurring theme.

Episode Score: Overall, it was a better episode than the first and I give it 4 out of 5 Casey’s.

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