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Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“Ghost Stories” (Episode 108)
July 19, 2018

This week on Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, we pick up lots of plot line threads we’ve been introduced to over the last few weeks and begin to weave them together as we enter the end phase of the Season. Before we get tonight’s episode, let’s first make sure you remember where we are from last week. Do that by reading our deep dive Recap and Review Here!

We begin tonight 8 years in the past, with Young Tandy getting life lessons from her father about the importance of being able to focus when you’re surrounded by distractions, while Young Tyrone and a distracted Billy engage in the classic game of Thumb War. We end the memory, as we so often do on this show, with Nathan driving him and his daughter off the bridge and Connors shooting Billy dead into the water.

Title Card.

When we come back from the title card, we join Fuchs and O’Reilly beginning their morning together — are they living together? Is this is a significant relationship we didn’t realize was more than back seat humping?  He’s making her pancakes for goodness sakes so it must be pretty hard core.  Brigid tells Fuchs she has cleared her psych eval (remember from when she kind of cold killed B-Ball Duane).  Fuchs, not being completely blind to emotions and body language can tell that she’s not entirely happy about the situation – he assures her that they’ll take down Connors … together. #RelationshipGoals.

Hospital.  Tandy brings (stolen — which is such a Tandy thing to do) flowers to Ivan’s room. But lo and behold, who has just come out of Ivan’s room?  Peter Scarborough, evil mastermind of Roxxon Gulf! Tandy definitely knows who he is and there is recognition in his eyes as if he knows or feels like he should remember her (he would have last seen Tandy when he came to take all of Nathan Bowen’s files out of the Bowen House after Nathan died). They don’t speak. Inside, Ivan is very happy to see Tandy and they chat about Scarborough’s visit and other related topics.

Photo: Freeform

Ivan tells her that Scarborough came bearing paperwork and trying to sniff out if Ivan was going to be a liability going forward. Lucky for Roxxon, Ivan doesn’t remember anything that happened after the explosion. But, Tandy prods him, he DOES remember the explosion itself (and the rig workers going mad with fear gas) and the lead up to it.  Ivan recalls that they were drilling for something that Nathan referred to as an “ancient, special” energy – one which was apparently toxic to humans, Tandy adds helpfully.

Ivan recalls one additional details – Nathan wrote a smoking gun memo about Roxxon and how it was cutting corners. He kept it in a safe deposit box, with other rainy day evidence, at Metrolake Bank under the name, “Bernoulli” (the Bernoullis were a Swedish family of big brains – they laid important groundwork for future math and physics studies).  Ivan tells Tandy that whatever she does – it can’t blow back on him or Mina.

“I understand. You’ve got a lot to lose. You’re lucky.” – Tandy

Bowen House. Tandy brings Mama Bowen some coffee and is pleasantly surprised to find her sober and dressed and looking pretty put together.  Together, they talk about their plans to celebrate the 8th anniversary of Nathan’s death later that night.  Tandy moves the conversation to where her dad might have kept a key for the safe deposit box.  Mama Bowen knows about the box’s existence but not where it is.  Tandy tells her she has a theory on  where it is.  Mama B shows her the key and then reminisce over some photos.  I bring this up only because Mama Bowen recalls a story when she and Nathan went out on a date night, to the ballet. Tandy corrects her that the story was they went to the movies. Mama Bowen – sometimes her memory isn’t great.

Johnson House.   The breakfast mood at the Johnson House is decidedly different than at the Bowen House. Otis asks Ty how his day is going? Seriously, says Tyrone? Today? Of All days? His parents seem almost oblivious to the significance of the Anniversary of Billy’s death – though, I imagine, that’s an effort on their part – I don’t think you could ever forget the day your child died. Changing topics, Otis mentions to Adina that he is going to have over the Red Hawks to work on their garments.  Nice call back on the show – glad they are picking up this story thread again!

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A knock on the door delivers Tandy to the house and Tyrone really isn’t digging her dropping by. Not today of all days. She basically forces herself inside, “parents love me,” and immediately gets the third degree from Adina.  Tandy explains she came over to see how Tyrone was doing as they share this day of loss.  Otis has manners and thanks her – Adina, being shady as she is, just says she interrupted breakfast.  After the parents leave the foyer, Tandy invites Tyrone to come to the memorial later tonight with her and her mom.  He agrees and she takes off.

Outside, we see her visit in fact had a second purpose, she somehow pocketed Adina’s Roxxon ID badge (she’s described as an “External Consultant”).

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We quick-cut memory to when Young Tandy woke up on the beach next to Young Tyrone, the morning after the rig explosion. We then jump to later that day – Young Tandy has made her way back into town and pick pockets a cell phone and calls home. No one picks up – the Bowens had an annoying full family voicemail greeting. Such different times those were for the Bowen Family.

NOPD. Connors is working on a sketch of Tyrone and calls O’Reilly over to verify he got it right. Brigid takes the daring move to call him on sounding extremely hostile about finding Ty.

“He got away.  He’s got to be found. He’s got to be dealt with.” – Connors

I’m pretty sure he means “dealt” with in a final sort of way. Wisely, O’Reilly simply backs away from the crazy man.  Commercials.

(Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani) LURAY COOPER, AUBREY JOSEPH

Johnson House. When we come back, the Red Hawks have arrived at the Johnson House.  After some good-natured ribbing from Big Chief and the other Red Hawks about how rich Otis is, as evidenced by his ginormous couch, Big Chief goes to speak with Tyrone. He commiserates on how hard a day is and then, as the men stare the cloak Billy had begin, tells Tyrone how he always felt that cloak was going to be something special.  Picking up on the word “cloak,” Tyrone asks what the difference is between a cloak and cape.

“A cape is just an add-on to a shirt. But a cloak … it hugs you.” – Big Chief

Otis grabs the cloak and becomes emotional over what it represents – I told you he remembered what today was.  Tyrone gives his dad some space.

Photo: Freeform

Which works out well since O’Reilly texts him that she’s outside. Tyrone is NOT pleased to see her.  The least of being that he’d have to explain why the police are on their lawn.  She warns him about Connors coming for him but Tyrone isn’t budging. He’s putting Connors away – O’Reilly tells him to let her handle that but, seeing as she hasn’t done shit yet, he’s not convinced.  Nope, Tyrone isn’t backing down, especially not today.  Just mentions the anniversary and Ty is a little thrown she remembers it – she says that Connors does, that he’s been on edge all day about it.  Ty is even more surprised that Connors would remember the day and you can see the wheels start to turn in his brain.

“I’m gonna make sure he never forgets.” – Tyrone

Tyrone flashes back to when he was young and heard Auntie Chantelle preaching on a street corner about spirits and ghosts.  She tells Young Tyrone that he doesn’t need to be afraid of ghosts …

“Only spirits looking to settle a score would harm a person. Ghosts aren’t about abject fear. They’re about justice.” – Auntie Chantelle

Back in the present, we see Tandy and Tyrone putting their respective Anniversary plans into motion.  Tyrone is smearing a blood on a shirt made to look like it has bullet holes, as Billy’s cloak hangs imposingly in the room.  In the Dagger Church, Tandy is going over the evidence she gathered from the Metrolake Safe Deposit Box. It has a memo and paperwork signed by Nathan and Ivan. There also seems to be some piece of equipment in the box, stamped with Roxxon’s name.  As we watch this montage, Bishop Briggs’ “Dark Side” plays over the scene … the refrain, “Welcome to my dark side” repeating again and again. It’s haunting.


When we return, Tyrone is taking O’Reilly AND Fuchs (on her word that he’s one of the good ones) into his confidence – Ty tells them his plan that he’s going to impersonate Billy and “haunt” Connors – psych him out with the hope of getting a confession.  Tyrone compares his plan to Poe’s famous short story, “The Tell-Tale Heart” but it’s a little over the adults’ head.  In short, Tyrone wants to use Connors’ fear (instead of guilt as in the story) against him – that fear will predispose him to believe Tyrone is Billy.

He’s doing this with or without their help and, seeing as the cops don’t have a better plan, he’d like their assistance. As a final act of convincing them that his plan will work, Tyrone puts on Billy’s cloak and (off screen) reveals his powers to them.

This is Game Changer People!!

We cut to Tandy’s memory of the day after the explosion. With one ballet shoe missing (and a bloody foot), and wrapped in Tyrone’s hoodie, she’s made it to her house (how has no one stopped to help the bleeding ballerina girl roaming town?!?).   Using the key under the mat, Young Tandy finds her mother passed out on the couch, the victim of scotch and pills. The young girl has the wherewithal to dial 911.  She was a smart and resourceful kid.

In the present, Montage Time!

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At Roxxon Gulf, we see that Tandy is still smart and resourceful. We watch her execute her infiltration of Roxxon Gulf HQ, first putting a light dagger through their transformers, knocking power out in the building.  When the back-up generator kicks on, she easily light daggers that into submission as well.  As Scarborough steps off the escalator, Tandy brings a light dagger up to his neck.

Outside the NOPD, Tyrone begins his haunting. Connors sensed someone behind him but no one was there when he turned around. He really freaked out when he realized his gun was gone.  Appearing behind him, Tyrone touches Connors bringing him back to Billy’s  shooting in one of his Fear Memories. “You killed me,” he whispers behind Connors as we come back to the present. Looking around and finding no one, Connors sees his gun is back in his holster.


Photo: Freeform

When we return, Connors and O’Reilly meet; Fuchs called in a sighting of a kid resembling the sketch Connors had done. Connors looks at the sketch and says that its the wrong kid. Brigid tells him that its the drawing he had done earlier in the day. Hmm, okay, says Connors. We see that the sketch is now of Billy instead of Tyrone. Oh, O’Reilly, you are tricky tricky! As they begin their search on foot, O’Reilly recounts the day she shot B-Ball Duane – she tells Connors that she saw him take off chasing something but from her POV, it looked like he was chasing no one. In the distance, Tyrone appears but when asked, O’Reilly tells Connors that she doesn’t see anyone.

“Connors, you feeling okay?” – O’Reilly

Tyrone takes Connors on a little cat and mouse chase around containers in the yard. Connors fires his weapon but again, nothing there.  More running. More gunshots. More Cloaking.  Approaching ever closer, Connors finally asks Tyrone who he is?!?

“You know who I am. You just tried to kill me. But you can’t. Because you already did. Do you know what today is?” – Tyrone as Ghost Billy

Connors rational mind tries to fight this for a hot second but eventually, the proof standing in front oh him makes him collapse. He admits to shooting Billy – the rig explosion spooked him, made him pull the trigger. As Tyrone prompts Connors, Connors admits to everything. He admits to covering up what really happened. He admits to using his Uncle to get him assigned to Vice and put distance between himself and the shooting.

“I killed you and buried you.” – Connors

At this, Tyrone breaks character and confirms that Fuchs got the whole thing on cell phone video while O’Reilly arrests Connors for the murder of Billy Johnson.

Photo: Freform

Roxxon Gulf HQ.   Tandy walks Scarborough through her own form of interrogation – getting him to confirm that the workers in the core  were “infected” and lost their mind to terror, turned on each other. Scarborough tries to play off her story as fanciful but no worries, she brought evidence.  Starting with her Father’s Memo which warmed of the potential danger of human exposure if Roxxon didn’t use the heat shielding he recommended.  Seeing Scarborough isn’t rattled, Tandy next shows him a piece of the destroyed rig which – a piece which did not have Nathan’s recommended heat shielding.  The meltdown was inevitable, is her point.

Scarborough retorts that no one would understand her evidence. Ahhh, Tandy says, Lawyer Greg understood but you had him killed and his files burned. BUT, Tandy continues, your arsonist missed a few things.  And all the lies Roxxon told? Tandy says the newspapers deserve to know the truth.  “What’s in your craw, kid,” Scarborough asks because apparently is old-timey and uses phrases like “craw.” Who the fuck says that anymore. GAH, this guys is the worst.  Tandy tells Peter what this whole thing is really about – Roxxon destroyed her father’s good name and she wants to fix that.  Scarborough scoffs as the use of “good name” and Nathan Bowen and suggests that maybe Tandy didn’t know her father as well as she thinks …

Photo: Freeform

She raises a light dagger to his chin, threatening him to not dare ignore her.  Scarborough, with a light knife at his throat, switches gears and attempts to bribe her with unimaginable money. Being a whistle-blower might be the idealistic thing to do, he says, but that doesn’t really help her or Mama Bowen out, does it?  He tells her he can give her enough money to set her for life if she just hands over her evidence.  He tells her to think carefully about what she really wants …

“I want my father back. Asshole.” – Tandy

Tandy storms out, causing a minor collapse of the roofing structure as Scarborough remains tied to his seat.

NOPD.  As Connors is all evil glares, O’Reilly is as happy as we’ve seen her. When Fuchs comes around, he can’t help but talk about the power Tyrone has. “I’ve seen it before,” Brigid responds and she invokes her friend, Misty as an example of super powered people.**  She promises to tell Fuchs all about it later and they talk of pancakes for days and days. Then the two share a passionate kiss right there in the squad room, right there in front of Connors. I … I don’t think that was a great idea. Connors looks on as O’Reilly stares him down and walks away. Commercials.

The Beach. Tyrone and Tandy are celebrating their wins tonight. Tyrone calls the Connors Confession something akin to music, “real and awful and sweet.” Tandy counters that while she didn’t get a confession, she scared the shit out of Scarborough and that’s a start. She allows herself a ray of hope that maybe the two of them have a future at doing good things.  Mama B approaches and Tandy introduces Tyrone and briefly describes their shared past with this Anniversary. Mama B goes to get her lighter to light up the memorial lantern and Tyrone confirms that Tandy hasn’t told her mom about Roxxon; Tandy replies that she’l see it in the papers and that’ll make it real for her. And the money?   Tandy says it wasn’t about the money – it was about her dad getting back his good name.

As the trio go to hold hands and observe a moment of silence, T&T are transported to a Mama B memory session. Entering the front door from her childhood, Tandy and Tyrone enter into a movie theater. The only other occupant is Mama Bowen. A projector whirs to life and cello music plays over a scene: Mama B brings Nathan a mug of coffee and sets it on the dining room table where he is working with a mess of papers spread everywhere.  They kiss. In the Memory Theater, Mama B smiles at the scene.

All of a sudden, the projector turns off, blanketing the room in darkness. The cello music ends and Mama B has disappeared.  The projector comes back to life, projecting a plain white picture. Tandy, sensing something is wrong, approaches the screen and cuts a hole through it. The cello music resumes (faintly) as Tandy and Tyrone enter the memory she just watched. Except now, the scene is in Black and White. Also different, the mug knocks over, covering Nathan’s papers in yuck. He stands up and is clearly pissed off. You cannot hear what Mama B’s response is to him but he backhands her across the face like a pimp trying to collect his money.  As she cowers, covering her face, Nathan stands facing her – no apology on his face. The cello becomes dissident and Tandy is visibly shaken by what she’s seen.

The memory ends.

On the beach, the mood has changed perceptibly and Tandy won’t let her mother touch her. They light the lantern and the trio watch it float off into the sky.  The screen dissolves as the lantern flies away.

Cut to a dejected Tandy walking home with Tyrone in tow. She  stops and says something to him (we don’t hear what) and walks on. After a beat, he continues following her.

We cut to Young Tandy laying in bed as Mama B drops some knowledge …

“Don’t rely on anyone, Tandy. You hear me? When it comes down to it, we’re all on our own.” – Mama Bowen

As Tandy lays in the living room chair, we see Melissa delivering these “sage” words as she looks into the dining room, at the offending table and coffee mug.  The work papers are still there. Its a beautiful job of framing.

Photo: Freeform

The next morning, Tandy is still walking on the street. She calls Scarborough and tells him that she’ll take the money after all. She disconnects before he has a chance to respond.

Young Tyrone Memory.  We see Young Tyrone watching his parents, presumably in the same timeframe as Young Tandy’s memories. Adina is telling Otis that she can’t stay there – that she doesn’t feel safe anymore. She’s crying and very upset. Young Tyrone is upset watching this.

In the present, Ty looks at his brother’s cloak and reaches out to touch it – you understand this cloak represents a direct connection to his brother. It’s everything right now for him.

We flashback to the night after the explosion, Young Tyrone quietly cries in bed while Young Tandy lays on her family’s couch, looking determined. Their future lives were set in these moments. It’s fascinating to watch them and they are so well done.

In the Dagger Church, Tandy loads her blood money into the statue with a removable head. There is a lot of bound cash going in there. In the final scene, O’Reilly lets herself into Fuchs’ place, calling out for celebration pancakes. She finds the kitchen empty but set as if grand baking is about to happen.  She opens the fridge and we see that Fuchs has been butchered and stuffed into the refrigerator cabinet. It’s graphic and disturbing and honestly, I was shocked – I didn’t see that twist coming.  We end the episode on Brigid’s reaction – openly crying into her hands in shock and disbelief.

Thoughts.  What a Game Changing episode – not only because Tyrone finally put on the titular “Cloak” and busted Connors through a mastery of his powers (yay, character development!!) but because he TOLD Fuchs and O’Reilly about his power. It’s huge that someone (RIP Fuchs) other than T&T now knows they have Super Powers! HUGE!

Also, huge? The reveal that Nathan Bowen maybe wasn’t the best guy. Memories. As all things with the mind, they are only as dependable as our brain allows them to be.  As often as not, like Connors sketches and Mama Bowen’s recollection of the ballet date night, we can make ourselves believe whatever we need to in order to keep going.  I think we are going to learn that the Memory Issues exhibited tonight by Mama Bowen are part of a larger cocoon concocted by her mind to protect her from a more harsh existence than Tandy previously appreciated.

Also, Also Huge? Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger is officially in the TV Universe – that exchange with O’Reilly and Fuchs at the end seals the deal that in this world, Misty and Luke and their pals are all chillin’ back in NY (and on Netflix). See below for more information on who Misty is.

With only two episodes left this season, (and because we know from our San Diego Comic Con interview with Emma Lahana, O’Reilly is going to face two more big blows this season), what’s left to be seen is how will Brigid react to the uber-violent death of Fuchs?

This show remains to be one of the best on television right now. You’re doing yourself a serious disservice if you’re not watching it!

** In Marvel comics and in the unified TV universe, which this scene helps to confirm is in fact unified (at least the Netflix shows to this Freeform show) Misty Knight is a NY cop. In the TV series, Luke Cage and The Defenders, Misty is a detective who loses her arm in the course of her duties. She receives a new bionic arm, courtesy of the Iron Fist, Danny Rand and the Rand Corporation (which is an alteration from the comics storyline).

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