TV Recap: The Passage – You Pay With Yourself …

The Passage
“You Owe Me A Unicorn” (Episode 102)
January 21, 2019

Last week on The Passage, we learned a government-funded project, Project NOAH, was making “not vampires,” accidentally, in an attempt to find a super cure for a Chinese avian flu which will soon hit the United States. In order to further their research, Project NOAH tests their serums on human subjects, people that society will not miss when they go missing. Enter Amy Bellafonte, a ten-year old girl that was recently orphaned, and Brad Wolgast, the man tasked to kidnap Amy and bring her to Project NOAH’s lush Colorado compound. Brad has a change of heart and now, him and Amy are on the run from Project NOAH and the military capabilities of the United States.

Catch up on ALL of the action from last week’s pilot with our deep dive recap, here. Now, on to tonight’s deep dive recap and review of The Passage, episode 2, “You Owe Me A Unicorn” …. BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

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