TV Recaps: The Magicians – Of Sacrifices and Betrayals …

The Magicians
“Will You Play With Me?”
April 4, 2018

Okay kids, tonight’s the night.  The Season 3 finale of The Magicians and boy did we have an episode.  Betrayals? Check. Sacrifices? Check.  Tacos? Check. Tick throwing shade? Check. Amazing Music Montages? Check. Great Easter Eggs? Check.  Crisp dialogue, twists you can’t predict and things just make you go, the fuck is happening? Check.

Sera Gamble and John McNamara, who wrote tonight’s show (they’re also the creators, 2 of the EPs and Sera is the show runner), and Chris Fisher who directed, closed out this Season in amazing style while setting up a lot of great questions for Season 4.  Without another wasted moment, jump into our recap and review of The Magicians‘ season finale, “Will You Play With Me?” … after the jump!

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