TV Recaps: The Magicians – The Return of Mothra …

The Magicians
March 21, 2018

This week, we take a bit of a breather after a series of emotional and impactful episodes that have really moved the plot along.  Not that tonight doesn’t have some emotional resonance, but we’re not terribly closer to solving the problem of the Fairy Realm Key after tonight’s episode.  You’ll notice this episode is very self-contained in a few familiar spots – its because tonight’s ep is a classic “Bottle Episode”; a trick of producers to save cash on new sets and props and dressing which is necessary in order to pay for larger expenditures during the rest of the season (looking at you music licensing rights for “All About Josh“). The upside of these types of episodes is that you tend to get great dialogue and character beats – very much like good stage plays because its basically characters on screen not moving around much.  Tonight doesn’t disappoint.

Let’s jump right in to Julia and Josh’s excellent adventure to another timeline, Timeline twenty-Three. Our deep Dive Recap and review (spoilers ahead!!) … after the jump!

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