TV Recap: Treadstone (Episode 104) – Who Are You?

“The Kentucky Contract” (Episode 104)
November 5, 2019

On last week’s Treadstone, Bentley made a deal with Kohler to bring Petra into the CIA for questioning. In the present, SoYun was blackmailed into helping bring down Dae’s boss, Colonel Shin. Also, we met a new Cicada, Nira Patel, who seems very okay with killing. And last, when Doug failed to kill his assigned target, a shadowy figure dropped by his house and explained Doug needed some reprogramming. After a struggle, Samantha shot the man dead and maybe seems to know something of Doug’s true self (maybe more than Doug knows, anyway).

Catch up with out deep dive recap and review of last week’s episode here. Now, on to tonight’s all new TreadstoneBEWARE OF SPOILERS!!!

TREADSTONE –Pictured: Omar MetWally — (Photo by: Jonathan Hession/USA Network)

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