TV Recap: The Magicians – The Enemy of My Enemy …

The Magicians
“The Art of the Deal”
March 14, 2018

Fairy Rebellion. After-Life Ruminations. Political Intrigue. Book Club and Cupcakes. After a few weeks of ground breaking story telling episodes, The Magicians gave us a jam-packed episode of forward moving story progress. Other than Kady, who had the week off, all of our Magicians had story line movement this week which is essential as pivot towards the end of the season.  A Note: After consultation with everything The Magicians puts out, I am reverting to the base spelling of Fairy in lieu of Faery.  I think the latter is more correct but every where else, they use Fair(y)(ies), so there you go.

Our deep dive recap and review (Beware! Spoilers Ahead) … After the jump!

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