TV Recap: Better Call Saul – Your Past Catches Up With You …

Better Call Saul
“Smoke” (Episode 401)
August 6, 2018

At the end of Season 3 of Better Call Saul, HHM faced an astronomical increase in malpractice premiums (following Jimmy’s dropping the dime to their insurance carrier about Chuck’s condition). Chuck, recently on the road to recovery and back at work, wanted to fight the increase while Howard, finally having had enough of the Chuck Liability, gives Chuck $3 million (of his own funds) in severance and announces Chuck’s “retirement” to the firm.  That night, disgraced and in full mental illness regression, Chuck kicks over a lantern setting his house ablaze.

Elsewhere, Kim, who was burning the candle in 7 different places, fell asleep behind the wheel of her car causing her to crash and break her arm.  She was on the way to a client meeting and client files were strewn about the road.  Hector Salamanca, after learning that Gus will be handling all smuggling work, as per the big boss (Don Eladio), suffers the heart attack we had been waiting for. Nacho is able to replace his fake heart medication pills for the real ones before the ambulance takes Hector away.  Gus witnesses this exchange but says nothing … for now. Jimmy, in a final attempt to rehabilitate Irene with her friends, blows his sweet Sandpiper deal and his status with the senior citizen crowd. And Mike Ehrmantraut?  He’s still working for Madrigal.

Oh, and in the future Cinnabon Jimmy (who goes by Gene) passes out while at work in his Omaha Mall Cinnabon.

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