TV Recap: I Am The Night – The Happening …

I Am The Night
“Matador” (Episode 104)
February 18, 2019

Last week on I Am The Night, Jay discovered (disgusting) similarities between the Janis Brewster case and the Black Dahlia murder. Unfortunately, Jay’s obsession with the Hodel case landed him in the slammer where the LAPD almost extracted an eye. Fauna did some light B&E in her step-grandma’s house, and realized the creepy dude from the Bus Stop rest area is her grandfather, George Hodel.  Jay and Fauna finally met and Sepp (f/k/a Mr. Black Car) really stepped up his creepy AF Factor!

Photo by: CLAY ENOS

Catch up on all the action from last week’s episode with our deep dive recap and review here! Now, on to tonight’s episode of I Am The Night BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

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