Love It Or Leave It? (Bridge and Tunnel)

Bridge and Tunnel
Love It Or Leave It?
January 24, 2021

When you tell me Edward Burns has a new anything – movie, TV show, brand of potato chip – you have my curiosity. When you tell me it’s an Ed Burns joint steeped in nostalgia for Long Island in 1980, well then now you have my attention.

This writer-director-actor triple threat is bringing us back to a simpler time, far from the current woes of the moment in an effort to make us smile with Bridge and Tunnel, airing now on Epix. To Gen X-ers, 1980 is an oft-romanticized time in our (not so) recent history, far from our overly complicated, technology laden present. It’s a time that harkens back to a time where your plans were made on the front stoop with your boom box cranking out some punk or new wave music. 


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