TV Recap: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – Who You Is?

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“Call/Response” (Episode 104)
June 21, 2018

Can I tell you how much  I am loving Cloak & Dagger? A lot. I am loving it a lot. That was anti-climatic, I know.  The writing is so strong and the acting by these two young leads sells the viewer completely on the 8,000 emotions going on in any given scene.

More than that, they are taking their time with pacing and let the show unfold organically BUT, they are using fantastic narrative devices to do it.  Last week’s episode from two POVs and tonight’s “call” and “response” approach … it keeps you on your toes, it makes you pay attention. C&D is saying, “Hey, I am important and you need to put down your 3 other things you’re doing and watch me – or else you’re going to miss something good..” There is NOTHING rote or predictable about this show and man, can you ask for anything more?

Before you read on for this week’s recap & review, make sure you know where we are from last week.  Ready? Good.  Our deep dive recap and review … after the jump (Spoilers Warning)!!

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