Music Review: Pub Choir at Mercury Lounge

Pub Choir
Mercury Lounge, NYC
July 7, 2019

Think about all the times you’ve been in a bar, listening to a band play covers of your favorite songs and you want to sing all the words aloud. Or better yet, all the times you’ve wanted to jump up on the karaoke stage and belt out your own version of a pop rock classic. And now think about all the times you never did any of those things out fear of sounding bad and making a fool of yourself. Well, Pub Choir is here to cure all of your closeted singing fears.

Formed in Brisbane, Australia in early 2017, Pub Choir has embarked on its first tour of the United States and PCR was there for the kick-off show at Mercury Lounge. Keep reading to learn more about this unique musical experience, our impressions on the show, where you can see Pub Choir in person (which, you absolutely should), and our interview with Astrid Jorgensen, the group’s conductor and musical director.

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