TV Recap: Better Call Saul – Your Past Catches Up With You …

Better Call Saul
“Smoke” (Episode 401)
August 6, 2018

At the end of Season 3 of Better Call Saul, HHM faced an astronomical increase in malpractice premiums (following Jimmy’s dropping the dime to their insurance carrier about Chuck’s condition). Chuck, recently on the road to recovery and back at work, wanted to fight the increase while Howard, finally having had enough of the Chuck Liability, gives Chuck $3 million (of his own funds) in severance and announces Chuck’s “retirement” to the firm.  That night, disgraced and in full mental illness regression, Chuck kicks over a lantern setting his house ablaze.

Elsewhere, Kim, who was burning the candle in 7 different places, fell asleep behind the wheel of her car causing her to crash and break her arm.  She was on the way to a client meeting and client files were strewn about the road.  Hector Salamanca, after learning that Gus will be handling all smuggling work, as per the big boss (Don Eladio), suffers the heart attack we had been waiting for. Nacho is able to replace his fake heart medication pills for the real ones before the ambulance takes Hector away.  Gus witnesses this exchange but says nothing … for now. Jimmy, in a final attempt to rehabilitate Irene with her friends, blows his sweet Sandpiper deal and his status with the senior citizen crowd. And Mike Ehrmantraut?  He’s still working for Madrigal.

Oh, and in the future Cinnabon Jimmy (who goes by Gene) passes out while at work in his Omaha Mall Cinnabon.

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TV Recap: Dietland – An Origin Story …

“Bedwomb” (Episode 11)
July 30, 2018

Last week, Plum went full on Jennifer, agreeing to become their communications person – officially the voice of Jennifer.  Unfortunately (fortunately?), at the end of the episode, she was unable to gun down a man she was told had earned Jennifer’s harsh justice. It was a test and she failed it miserably so now, as we  enter tonight’s season finale, the question is – what does Jennifer do with Plum now that she knows too much about the organization?  Catch up on our last week recap here before joining in for tonight’s deep dive recap and review of the Season finale of Dietland … after the jump (Spoilers Beware)!

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TV Recap: Dietland – I Flail …

“Woman Down” (Episode 109)
July 23, 2018

Last week On Dietland … was rough. This week, we see the next step in Plum’s journey. As she deals with the aftermath of Jack and Calliope House and her own internal struggle to belong and to accept herself and find acceptance and her place in the world.

Before you jump into tonight, make sure you are caught up with last week with our deep dive recap & review … here!

Read on for our recap of tonight’s episode … after the jump (spoilers!!!)

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TV Recap: Dietland – I Don’t Like That …

“Rad Fatties” (Episode 108)
July 16, 2018

When we ended last week, Plum was blowing up Kitty’s spot by announcing her own truth – that she was the one Kitty’s Girls were speaking to all along. Tonight’s action picks up where that bombshell left off.

Plum is feeling pretty woke y’all. Let’s see what happens. Read on for our deep dive recap & review … after the jump (spoilers!! spoilers ahead)!

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TV Recap: Dietland – We Are Not Safe …

“Monster High” (Episode 107)
July 9, 2018

And Leeta said unto thee, “Plum thinks she’s afraid of other people’s opinions, their judgments, their assumptions. Afraid of not being acceptable. But really, she’s afraid of herself.  She’s afraid of what’s inside. Because the minute she stops caring about that shit? She’s going to be a beast … her words are like fire.”

As we closed last week’s episode (our deep dive recap & review is here), Plum, the Beast, had indeed been unleashed. Where do we go from here? That’s what tonight is going to show us.

Our deep dive recap and review of “Monster High” begins … after the jump (spoilers spoilers  spoilers)!!

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TV Recap: Dietland – Fuck This …

“Belly of the Beast” (Episode 106)
July 2, 2018

Last week, we left Plum beaten and bruised and checking in to Calliope House and Leeta? Leeta was being publicized as a fugitive for justice.  (check out our recap here).

Tonight picks up the morning after and we’re definitely on a road to … somewhere. Don’t waste another minute, click on for our deep dive recap & review … after the jump (spoilers warning spoilers warning)!

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TV Recap: Dietland – I’m Ready …

“Plum Tuckered” (Episode 105)
June 25, 2018

The fuse that was lit by Kitty at the end of last week’s episode (check out our recap here) explodes tonight … in all the wrong ways.

How far can you push someone before they snap? Before they break?  Tonight’s Dietland gives us our answer … an emotionally raw hour for Plum AND for Kitty, let’s not waste another moment.

Our recap & review of “Plum Tuckered” begins … after the jump (Spoilers Beware)!

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TV Recap: Dietland – It’s Raining Men …

“Y Not” (Episode 103)
June 11, 2018

Episode 3 of Dietland goes darker and weirder than ever before while at the same time, speaking truth to power and showing Plum’s life and struggles without a filter, without a censor and in its full colored glory.

Dietland is very well written and very well acted but really, its emotional grip is what draws me in. I am living Plum’s struggles with her … this show grabs hold of me from minute 1 and does not let go of my feelings for a solid hour. Thank God there are commercials so I can breath and relax and think, it’ll be better in the next act.

Read on for our deep dive recap & review of “Y Not” … after the jump (Spoilers – Be warned)!

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