TV Recap: I Am The Night – “Memento Quo Nunc Es”

I Am The Night
“Aloha” (Episode 105)
February 25, 2019

In Episode 4 of I Am The Night, major, major shit went down. By standing up to Jimmie Lee and striking a deal with Jay to get to Tamar in Hawaii, Fauna has (finally) decided to be an active participant in her own story. Sepp tried to kill Fauna and Jay skewered him for his troubles … with a wrench! Jay found an art gallery where the works were property of George Hodel and he was able to, in a spectacular piece of editing, musical composure, and acting, put together that George Hodel’s art matched crime scene photos from both Janis Brewster and Elizabeth Short, the infamous Black Dahlia murder.

Catch up on all the action From last weeks episode with our deep dive recap and review here! Now on to tonight’s all new episode of I Am The NightBEWARE OF SPOILERS!

Photo by: CLAY ENOS

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