TV Review: Amazon Prime’s Tales From The Loop

Tales From the Loop - Amazon Prime
Tales From the Loop – Amazon Prime. Copyright 2020.

Amazon Prime deliberately chooses its content and licenses. Rather than fling a thousand movies and series into its viewing audience’s devices, Amazon takes a more methodical approach.  Whether it’s award-winning writing and acting like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or big-budget action like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, an Amazon Prime series tends toward high-quality, high production value work. Its adaptation of Tales From The Loop fits right into that niche – but that doesn’t mean the show is for everyone.

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Letterkenny – Seasons 1&2 DVD Review

DVD Release of Seasons 1&2
December 17, 2019

Before we get into discussing the quality of the Letterkenny Seasons 1&2 DVD set, I need you to carefully consider the following question. And I’m totally serious.

How do you feel about fart jokes?

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