TV Opinion Piece: RENT, Live on Fox – Why God, Why?

RENT: Live!
January 26, 2019

Tomorrow night, Fox is going to air a Live production of the seminal Broadway classic, RENT. This follows a now annual trend between NBC and Fox where the networks alternate taking classic musicals and air them Live on a Sunday night for the masses to ingest.  After years of taking on “edgy” picks like Sound of Music, The Wiz, Peter Pan, and Grease, the powers that be have now decided to do … RENT. I have some strong feelings about it.

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Movie Recap: The 25 Days of Hallmark

“Life lies at the end of your comfort zone.” I KNOW I heard that somewhere. For all I know, that’s the slogan for some low-fare airline promising cheap vacations in paradise… or maybe I saw it online about a Zumba class? Or trying to get someone to go back to school? I mean, I could probably google it- it’s a good line. But I’m already making myself write this series of articles so even if it was Hillary Rodham Clinton herself, it’s not REALLY making this task I’ve arbitrarily set myself any easier.

You don’t know me … probably, but I’m a huge fan of Broadway- especially of one Ms. Patti Murin- star of Broadway’s Frozen, lover of dogs, Tweeter of all things Bachelor/Bachelorette (which I have never watched), and, most recently- Obsessor of all things Hallmark Christmas movies.

Photo: The Hallmark Channel/Crown Media Family Networks

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