Mythbusters Returns! New … but Improved?

Photo courtesy of Science Channel.

After a year and a half absence, the classic Discovery Channel show, Mythbusters, is set to return to the airwaves on November 15, 2017. Moving from the Discovery Channel flagship to the its nerdier cousin, Science (often abbreviated to simply, SCI), Mythbusters is looking to recapture the glory of its predecessor show while at the same time, raising the ante as it takes viewers on a wild ride of debunking age old myths. Featuring all new hosts, all new myths, an all new set, and even an all new Buster, this rebooted experiment show is NOT your father’s Mythbusters. IT’S BETTER!!

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New York Comic Con, Where Marvel Reigns Supreme

If you were at New York Comic Con last week, you would have noticed a couple of recurring themes over the course of the 4 day fan and industry fest: comic books and CosPlay are alive and thriving in NY; Kevin Smith will appear at everything that occurs in the NY/NJ Metro area; pretzels and water require a small mortgage; and Marvel is a dominating behemoth in every facet of entertainment and media.  We’re not even going to talk about the mammoth Marvel block on the Show Room Floor, where Marvel comic writers gathered to sign books and where Marvel and The Weeknd kicked off their joint comic book collaboration, Starboy. The truly awe inspiring thing was the breadth of Marvel’s Panels & Presentations.

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