What To Watch – Monday, April 9, 2018

We love Monday nights these days at Pop Culture Review! We have DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Terror, The Crossing (they had me at Flash Forward in tonight’s episode description) and Good Girls.  Also on, Scorpion but that pales in comparison to the other offerings at 10p.

GOOD GIRLS — “Special Sauce” Episode 107 — Pictured: (l-r) Izzy Stannard as Sadie Marks, Mae Whitman as Annie Marks — (Photo by: Steve Dietl/NBC)

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What To Watch – Monday, April 2, 2018

Even with The Alienist being done for the season, we have good choices to watch tonight, including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at 8pm on The CW, The Terror on AMC at 9p, Good Girls on NBC at 10p, and also at 10p, the series premiere of The Crossing, a new small town sci-fi show on ABC.

THE CROSSING – “Pilot” – After 47 refugees mysteriously wash up in a small fishing town, local sheriff Jude Ellis teams with DHS agent Emma Ren to assess their unusual claim … that they’re fleeing a war 180 years in the future. The mystery deepens when Jude realizes that one of the new arrivals possesses heightened abilities and is a threat to his town, setting the two of them on a collision course. As the rest of the refugees acclimate to their unfamiliar surroundings, Emma learns that one has information that calls into question everything she thought she knew about our present time. The series premiere of “The Crossing” airs MONDAY, APRIL 2 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eike Schroter)

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What To Watch – Monday, March 26, 2018

Season finales, series premieres, all new episode of your favorite shows —  tonight has it all!!

Our Top Pick To Watch is the season finale of The Alienist (yes, we are so very far behind on recaps, sorry!). Also bowing out is the freshman drama, The Good Doctor. Making its series premiere tonight is AMC’s newest thriller drama, The Terror (2 hour series premiere) which we’ll be watching once Alienist ends.  Elsewhere, we’re watching Good Girls and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. 

Photo by Kata Vermes

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What To Watch – Monday, March 19, 2018

The Alienist gut punched viewers last week with a notable character death so expect the fall out to really hit home tonight in this, the penultimate episode of the season and our Top Pick To Watch Tonight! Elsewhere, new Good Girls and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow lead our What To Watch pack with The Good Doctor and Scorpion as suitable runners-up.

Photo by Kata Vermes

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What To Watch – Monday, March 12, 2018

The Alienist, Good Girls, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, these are things to make Monday a little better. Plus, because we have run out of ideas, you can now watch BOTH The Voice and American Idol … in 2018. At the same time.  What is even happening in this world?!?

Photo by Kata Vermes

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What To Watch – Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday Nights are a great time for TV; with the addition of Good Girls (and maybe McMafia, we’re adding it to our test bubble list) in the 10pm slot, we continue to have multiple quality dramas in that hour; The Alienist continues to be supreme entertainment in the 9pm hour and at 8pm, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow have a bunch more episodes before their season runs dry.

Before you watch The Alienist tonight, make sure you’re caught up on all of the explosive action from last week’s episode with our Deep Dive Recap & Review Here!

Not on the official What To Watch cause its really niche but the final 3 original episodes of Star Wars: Rebels airs tonight on Disney XD, beginning at 8:30pm.  Time to say goodbye to Ezra and the crew of the Ghost.

(Disney XD)

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What To Watch – Monday, February 26, 2018

Our long national nightmare of the Winter Olympics is over and our regular programming can now continue. Like the first signs of Spring, all of TV is returning to new episodes this week.  The Alienist, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the series premiere of Good Girls are our Top Picks To Watch Tonight with The Alienist being the most important of all of them!

Photo by Jesse Giddings

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What To Watch – Monday, February 19, 2018

Only one more week of The Winter Olympics and then all of the rest of TV can come out of hiding with new episodes of their shows.  Its getting exhausting having nothing new to watch! What is new? The Alienist, one of our current obsessions!   Make sure you are live tweeting with us and reading our deep dive recaps!

Also on tonight, the 1980 classic, Airplane! – my undisputed choice for funniest movie ever made.

Photo by Kata Vermes

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The Daily Download – January 9, 2018

In honor of the return of new Arrow-verse shows next week and The CW’s Winter TCA this past Sunday where they clarified their scheduling plans, today The Daily Download is focusing on latest trailers for all of your favorite DC shows.

As for scheduling, in case you haven’t heard: Because Black Lightning will be airing in the Legends‘ normal 9pm, Tuesday night slot, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow won’t be back for a few weeks.  On February 12, it’ll take over Supergirl‘s 8pm, Monday night slot spot for 9 weeks (which is the rest of its season run). And then, on April 16, Supergirl returns for the remainder of its season (ending on June 18). As The CW announced, it’ll be 23 consecutive weeks of new Supergirl/Legends episodes, which is pretty cool.

Photo: Bettina Strauss/The CW

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What To Watch – Tuesday, January 9, 2018

We’re still a week away from the return of new episodes from the Arrow-verse so in the meantime, we’re soothing ourselves with a repeat viewing of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover event, which is really worth a second viewing.

Also tonight, the 24th Cycle of America’s Next Top Model premieres, featuring the return of Tyra Banks who has come to save her signature show.  Also premiering tonight, Undercover High, a thought piece on A&E that asks, “if given the chance, would you go back to HS  to see what kids are facing today?”


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