TV Recap: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – Who You Is?

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“Call/Response” (Episode 104)
June 21, 2018

Can I tell you how much  I am loving Cloak & Dagger? A lot. I am loving it a lot. That was anti-climatic, I know.  The writing is so strong and the acting by these two young leads sells the viewer completely on the 8,000 emotions going on in any given scene.

More than that, they are taking their time with pacing and let the show unfold organically BUT, they are using fantastic narrative devices to do it.  Last week’s episode from two POVs and tonight’s “call” and “response” approach … it keeps you on your toes, it makes you pay attention. C&D is saying, “Hey, I am important and you need to put down your 3 other things you’re doing and watch me – or else you’re going to miss something good..” There is NOTHING rote or predictable about this show and man, can you ask for anything more?

Before you read on for this week’s recap & review, make sure you know where we are from last week.  Ready? Good.  Our deep dive recap and review … after the jump (Spoilers Warning)!!

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TV Recap: Dietland – The Steps To Bangability …

“F… This” (Episode 104)
June  18, 2018

Before you read on, make sure you’ve checked out our recap and review from last week’s episode here.

After a heavy introspective episode about Plum and her inner demons last week, tonight’s Dietland shifted its gaze outwards, turning its focus on both men’s perception of beauty as well as Jennifer and its growing influence as a movement. Lines are being drawn on whether Jennifer is a terrorist group or the acceptable expression of all women’s collective anger after a lifetime of shitty treatment by men.   In Plum’s life, she has to face the concepts of beauty vis a vis the idea of becoming bangable.

Few shows, if any, would attempt to even tackle these subjects. Even less shows would handle it with a modicum of the dignity and decency and nuance that Dietland pulls off on a regular basis.  If you are not watching this show, you’re doing it all wrong.

Read our recap and review … after the jump (Spoilers Ahead)!!

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TV Recap: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – I’m Failing. I’m Flailing. I’m Cursed …

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“Stained Glass” (Episode 103)
June 14, 2018

Before reading and watching tonight’s episode of Cloak & Dagger, make sure you catch up with my recaps from Episode 1, “First Light,”and Episode 2, “Suicide Sprints.”

Quick reminder that last week ended with Tandy, still driving her stolen “Just Married” convertible, taking a bullet from Tyrone – Tyrone having apparated in front of her just as he was trying to kill Connors, the bad cop. Ty, man. You have to learn to control your Cloak skills. For. Real.

On to the episode recap & review … after the jump (Spoilers Ahead)!!!

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TV Recap: Reverie – You just need … L-E-R-I

“No More Mr Nice Guy” (Episode 103)
June 13, 2018


We are back with a full recon of episode three but before we dive in here is a brief reminder of where we left off at the end episode two (or read my whole recap here). We left seeing Mara deciding not to take her pills when she heard Brynn’s laughter in her house. After pulling one of the pictures she had previously put in a drawer back out, Brynn returns and is standing right in front of her. “Hello There” Mara said and the screen went black.

Alright let’s begin…(spoilers ahead)

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TV Recap: Dietland – It’s Raining Men …

“Y Not” (Episode 103)
June 11, 2018

Episode 3 of Dietland goes darker and weirder than ever before while at the same time, speaking truth to power and showing Plum’s life and struggles without a filter, without a censor and in its full colored glory.

Dietland is very well written and very well acted but really, its emotional grip is what draws me in. I am living Plum’s struggles with her … this show grabs hold of me from minute 1 and does not let go of my feelings for a solid hour. Thank God there are commercials so I can breath and relax and think, it’ll be better in the next act.

Read on for our deep dive recap & review of “Y Not” … after the jump (Spoilers – Be warned)!

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TV Recap: Dietland – Results Not Typical …

“Tender Belly” (Episode 102)
June 4, 2018

Part two of the two hour series premiere of Dietland, “Tender Belly” introduces us to Verena Baptist – the author of Dietland (the book on the show) and daughter of the famous weight loss Baptists.   Make sure you read our recap and review of Episode 1 here.   If you’re interested in a good discussion of the issues and themes being raised by Dietland, definitely check out our hour long TVTalk discussion with Jen Ponton (Rubi); it was an emotional and impactful hour of frank talk.

As Plum deals with the fallout of her decision to email the “Dear Kitty” contact list to Julia, all of our characters settle into their roles and we learn more about where each of them are coming from. Except Dominic. Other than a sweet tooth, we know shit about that guy so far.

Time to get into the episode, read our recap & review of “Tender Belly” … after the jump (beware of Spoilers)!

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TV Recap: Dietland – I Am A Unicorn. I Am A Goddess …

“Pilot” (Episode 101)
June 4, 2018

Dietland, based on the 2015 book by Sarai Walker of the same name, is an indictment of our culture and how we allow … no, how we have encouraged and institutionalized the persistent bullying of women and even more so, overweight women.

Through Plum Kettle’s journey, the newest AMC series seeks to shine a hot white spotlight on all of the ways we have stigmatized and beaten down an entire section of our population, and in no uncertain terms, says, Enough.

Its time to fight back and so you have a choice to make … be part of the solution or get the fuck out of the way. Dietland — the show we need now.  Our recap and review of the Pilot is after the jump (spoilers ahead).

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TV Recap: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – We Have To Stop Meeting Like This …

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“Suicide Sprints” (Episode 102)
June 7, 2018

We are back with episode two of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger and this one, which premiered back to back with the Pilot, continues to fill in the story of our teenage superheroes and their life struggles and backgrounds. This isn’t a CW Arrow-verse show, there are no superhero costumes yet … we are taking our time getting to know Tandy and Tyrone as people – flawed people (especially Tandy) – who they are, what their lives are like, what their powers are, and how they work.

Before you read tonight’s recap, make sure you know everything happened with our recap from last week here!

Once you’re ready, catch up with our recap and review …. after the jump (spoilers ahead – be warned)!

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TV Recap: Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger – The Light Between Us …

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger
“First Light” (Episode 101)
June 7, 2018

Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, airing on Freeform, is the newest Marvel TV series to hit the airwaves. Based on the comic books created by Bill Mantlo and artist Ed Hannigan, and following in the footsteps of the most recent installment in the Marvel TV-verse, Hulu’s Runaways, Cloak & Dagger focuses on young superheroes just learning about, and simultaneously coming to grips with, the magnitude of their power.

Comic books shows have a mixed history when it comes to the quality of their storytelling and acting. So far, based on the first two episodes, Cloak & Dagger seems to be avoiding both of these deadly pitfalls.  With a deliberate pacing that is in no hurry to rush our protagonists into spandex costumes and emotionally charged and believable turns by leads, Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt, Cloak & Dagger is coming out of the gate with a confidence that screams, “we know what we’re doing, sit back and enjoy the ride we are going to give you.” And so far, I am inclined to agree.  Check out the recap of the Pilot episode (Spoilers Warning!) … After the jump!!

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TV Recap: Reverie – “Go In, Get Her, Get Out”

“Bond. Jane Bond” (Episode 102)
June 6, 2018


At the end of episode one we left with having Mara seen her niece Brynn at the end of the hallway in her apartment for a split second. So I bet you are wondering if Mara will see more of Brynn and if she will be able to help more of the users who are stuck. Well, I could spoil the entire episode and tell you now or we can dive right into the recap. You’ve been warned. spoilers ahead.

(Photo by: NBC)

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